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Photoshop manipulation

Photoshop Manipulation is the use of Photoshop to alter images to the use of a variety of tools. Some of them Photoshop manipulation techniques that are available in the use of photo manipulation by the ability to overexpose images stylize photographs retouch photographs creates high contrast overlays remove or add backgrounds or colors used parts of images to create digital art, add or remove the appearance of makeup and other physical enhancements.

Photoshop manipulation also offers the ability to take a normal portrait or picture and turn it into a professional looking image. It also gives you the ability to add or super impose other images on all or part of an original through the use of layers. One of the great things about Photoshop is the huge variety of tools that are available in the endless possibilities in the creation of digital art, and the use of these tools to manipulate already established images. There are varieties of tutorials available that can assist beginners and advanced users alike in the art of manipulating images. Because there are so many available tutorial options on the web, both through the Adobe website and through third party developer websites is a good idea to have a rough. If not complete idea of exactly how you wish to create a Photoshop manipulation in order to narrow the search and locate the tutorial you need swiftly. Photoshop manipulation is not just about creating great effects or sprucing up an image to look nothing like its original Photoshop manipulation can be something as simple as redeye reduction, or cleaning up a photograph. There is no doubt, however, that Photoshop manipulation can be used to create amazing images and take ordinary mundane photographs and turn them into true digital art. For example, a simple method of Photoshop manipulation is to change the color of lighting sources within a photograph or create the effect of a starry sky within nighttime photography.

Photoshop manipulation can be used in hundreds of ways to create artistic impression and effects. An example of this is the addition of a fairy dust effect to add a fantasy quality to an image or use Photoshop manipulation to simulate the tones of an x-ray camera. It does not take much to learn how to do simple Photoshop manipulation though it is a good idea to have a good tutorial available for the effects and manipulations that you are looking to create.


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