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Judaism in the caribbean

Judaism is the religion and the culture of the Jewish people. Judaism in the Caribbean, in Jamaica for example is called the Rasta movement and it is a mixture between Judaism and Christian religion. Judaism in the Caribbean is quire recent. It was introduced in 1930 and it was immediately adopted by poor people who wanted to get rid of white people oppression.
Judaism in the Caribbean meant not to take revenge upon oppressors, but to enlighten them, to help them see the right way in life. To continue with, Judaism in the Caribbean meant a unique God for black and white people as well.
Furthermore, Judaism in the Caribbean is associated with colors. Red color for example symbolizes the blood spilled by the martyrs who were able to get the freedom of the nation. Yellow symbolizes the wealth and green the beauty of the local flora and fauna. Judaism in the Caribbean is associated with black color, which stands for the color of the oppressed people’s skin. Judaism in the Caribbean meant fight in order to have a personal religion and a private life.
Apart from colors, Judaism in the Caribbean was symbolized by the wisdom herb which is marijuana and which is used in many of their rituals. Judaism in the Caribbean promotes the idea that plants produced by earth must be eaten and that their miraculous effect has been known since the biblical times.
Moreover, Judaism in the Caribbean was also associated with vegetarianism. Judaic people in the Caribbean believed that being a veg, you can release more lover for your peers. Judaism in the Caribbean meant that people used to drink tea or water whereas milk or alcohols were not considered natural.
Judaism in the Caribbean does not mean that the hell exists and they believe that the heaven is on earth. Actually as long as they live on those fabulous islands, it is no wonder that they believe in this idea. In addition, they do not believe in life after death.
We can add that many people considered Caribbean Judaists only drug addicts and strange people a long time until they were finally accepted by the society.
Another interesting idea in this context is that Judaism in the Caribbean can also be associated with reggae music, whose message is based on love, faith, poverty, injustice and different social problems and it has had many adepts in the fascinating Caribbean islands.


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