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Company for classy women

How would you conduct yourself in the company of a classy lady? What is a classy lady to begin with? A classy lady is a woman with refinement, dignity, grace, eloquence and good breeding. When we say good breeding we are not only referring to her family pedigree, what we are looking at is her total persona. Classy women are well poised; they dress appropriately and are able to conduct themselves properly.

To be in the presence of a classy lady or any person for the matter, one must be able to remember their manners. Being polite shows of your ability to respect those around you, it is a reflection of the way you were brought up. The values you learned at home, the education you have received and your general aptitude to be respected because of your respect for others. The next thing is to know how to dress appropriately, classy does not necessarily mean expensive, perhaps the well off are classy and have expensive tastes this is mainly because this is the environment they are accustomed to. A person need not spend excessively on designer garments just to please the classy company they are with. The important thing is to choose key pieces that could or could not be expensive, find something that is suitable for your personality one that fits you not only size wise but fits your look generally. Going with fads is not always a good choice, go with something that is simple and basic. It could be anything from the suit, the pants, the tie, the watch or shoes. Classy again is an attitude more than it is the clothes. The way you are able to present yourself confidently, the manner you show respect for people around you.

Company for a classy lady requires good manners generally. Allowing your date or partner to have the spotlight rather than try to outshine her is important. Any woman likes to be noticed and for her date, escort or companion to give her the chance shows how her pleasure or happiness is of importance shows how equally classy you are and how you prioritize her well being more. That right there shows class, allowing others to enjoy the moment instead of trying to showcase yourself. Manners are the most integral thing, showing you have that is worth more than any bank account you can showcase.


January 14, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Classy Woman

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