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Classy woman appartments

After a classy woman has her first contact with the high society in a capital city for example and the first sexual contact with an important person, the story goes on. If he likes the girl, she can be invited to a fashion parade, in Monte Carlo, for example and if the girl is a model, the only spectator can be, obviously, her new sort of friend. Such a weekend can be wonderful for any girl.

He can pamper the girl, go shopping with her, even to Formula, One…As far as sex is concerned, most of the times girls do not like their partners, but business is business and the amount of money gained is considerable.

If a girl continues the series of meetings, maybe she will not be satisfied anymore with the luxury hotels, restaurants, and shops, which can become the most familiar places for her.

At this point, the girl may leave the modeling agency, which initiated her in this “life of luxury.” Now she can find her clients on her own or with the help of some friends and acquaintances. She meets them in hotel restaurants where firstly talk and then go upstairs. However, she can still not be satisfied therefore; she may claim a luxury apartment or even a luxury car.

These apartments can be amazing. A stylish woman can choose tender and neuter shades for the walls and the furniture. Bright colors are not recommended for classy women apartments because they stimulate nervous system, which is not needed for a woman and a man who want to relax.

A classy woman apartment will smell good. Vanilla scent for example can reduce anxiety and inhibition. This perfume can cheer you up. If you want a more intense perfume, they give up candles and use scented sticks. They can also use jasmine, or any flower perfumes.

A classy woman apartment can be vivid, with plenty of flowers and shrubs, as well as shells or pebbles. The setting must be natural and dream like. In addition if on the bed there are many decorative pillows, nicely arranged, possibly according to Feng Shui experts’ suggestions, relationship between people in there can be more harmonious. In fact, it needs to be harmonious as long as one of them from spiritual point of view can be considered a possession, a Barbie doll.

However if that is what some classy women want, they can at least change their apartments in real pieces of heaven so that they feel good there at least from the physical point of view.


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