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Classy girl

Classy girls are fresh, beautiful, and feminine, their smell is divine, and they have all the time in the world. A classy girl has personality, will, and especially caprices; they want many things if their customers really like them. They may behave like little girls when they want a nice toy and this can make them charming for men. Men feel free with a classy girl. They can tell her whatever they want. A classy girl does not try to please a specific customer, and she will never look ridiculous. They simply exist. Maybe that is why they are irresistible, because they are natural, they love themselves, they choose, they do not make compromises; they do not forgive a man repeatedly. A classy girl enjoys absolute sincerity; she knows what a man wants, because he has the courage to tell her. Any man can feel good with a classy girl.
Sometimes, during a love game a man can tell a classy girl he loves her and he can leave his wife for her. Well, he will never do it…
Young men are happy with classy girls because it is a dangerous and exciting game, they feel cool, and their friends congratulate them and are jealous on them in the same time.
What he cannot obtain from one classy girl, he can obtain from another one. He will never consider a classy girl the fairy of his dreams. A man wants from a classy girl the freedom he lost when stupidly got married. A classy girl is like a toy you can enjoy freely, a guarantee that a man is still independent, especially if he is married to a woman who likes to control his life and to organize it, getting him bored and suffocating him.
A classy girl, sometimes with sadness accepts her condition of part time partner because she does not want to get involved in a serious relationship. Sometimes she does not realize that she is afraid of any commitment or that she really fell in love with a certain man. A classy girl can have feelings and release them towards a special customer of theirs but unfortunately, most of such customers are already engaged in a relationship.
No man is guilty for spending time with a classy girl. In general, classy girls are guilty because they take advantages from such businesses. He is a victim, charmed by a sexy witch ready to steal the man of a faithful wife with no remorse. Is this the truth?


January 14, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Classy Woman

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