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Timberland music

In today’s music society those individuals that want to be a singer or dancer start out by showing their talents to other individuals in bars and clubs. There is no doubt about it when we say that becoming a singer in today’s world can be very hard, especially if you took the hard route of performing in clubs and bars for years before you got a record deal. Many individuals think that Timberland had it easy because he knew all the right people when he went to New York to start his music career but this is not necessarily true because Timberland has come a long way.

Timberland, like many music artists has went to nothing to something big but it did take work. There is no doubt that Timberland does have talent and talent is what you have to have when you want to make it big in the music industry. Timberland has come out with all kinds of songs that is available in not just the United States but many other countries throughout the world today.

If you live in the United States then you may find it hard to believe that Timberland is well known in some other countries. We honestly believe that this did not happen in just days. If a lot of countries know about Timberland then chances are he has taken the time to go to these countries and perform for them on stage. Obviously this required a lot of time and hard work, could you imagine singing and dancing on stage nearly every night?

Timberland has come out with a lot of music. He has combined Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B all in one. Timberland has some pretty unique songs as well. Chances are if you have looked up Timberland on the Internet you have found that he sings with all kinds of other different singers. Some of his music consists of singing with Nelly Furtado, 50 Cents, Tyssem and even Justin Timberlake who is from the American pop boy band known as Nsync.

If you have not heard any of Timberlands music then we highly recommend you go out and buy the CD or if you have a legal way of downloading some songs from the Internet then you may want to test some of Timberlands songs out by downloading them from a Gnutella on the Internet. Once you download some of Timberlands music, listen to it. Chances are this is not going to be the last time you listen to any of Timberlands music, especially if you choose the right song because Timberland does have a lot of good music available to the public today.

January 11, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland


  1. I love hiphop music

    Comment by mikeyx | January 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. thanks larry. from bob

    Comment by bob | May 6, 2008 | Reply

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