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Timberland curtis

Have you ever wondered about the relation between Timberland and Curtis? Well Curtis is known as song artist 50 cents and performs a lot with Timberland. Timberland is the stage name for Timothy Z. Mosley which he orignated around the 1990’s with Missy Elliot. These two singers worked on many different types of projects together.

50 cent started out with get rich or die trying and also the massacre which gave him a muti-platium hit. This made him a big time in the music industry. This rappers been shot 9 times. Then came back with a album called guess whos back. The rapper had a life like most rappers having problems while growing up. Curtis was noticed by Dr Dre and Eminem and they produced his first succeful album. This made 50 cent pretty big in the music industry. Imagine being shot 9 times, hard to live from that and walk away from the hopsital. Surrounded by luck and angels would make you servive that. Which made him a big come back with the music business.

Timberland is a recording producer along with the rapping. He helped produce one of .50 cent’s albums. Timberland was big friends with Missy Elliot. Timberland also was performing with magoo which they made a few albums. This rapper puts a little hip-hop and a urban mix to his music. Also makes his music more beats and ryhms which makes you have a better feel of the music. They also perform with justin timberlake. .50 has many good songs that have a lot of good beats to them.

Between these two rappers there totally different being one is a producer and a rapper. While the other is a rapper from the hood. Timberland music is totally different beat from .50 cent. .50 cent has their own type of music that has a good rhythm and beat. There is meaning to there music which makes people like to listen to the songs. Timberland made one grammy 2007 and also a BET award this 2007. Curtis has many differnet albums during the years. timberland also had some plagrism that made him in trouble with Nelly furtado. He was taking credit for song lyrics that were related with her song she made.

There isn’t much compareing these to rappers together because of there totally different people making it hard to compare. Now you know the difference and the compareance to both timberland and Curtis.


January 11, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland

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