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Timbaland tour

Has any one heard of Timbaland? Well Timothy Z. Mosley’s stage name is known as Timbaland, he sings and produces songs that are urban hip hop. Timbaland band will be having a tour this year during December of 2007. The timbaland band will be traveling long ways to be singing in towns all over the world. The well-known band is also known to work with Magoo that has been with him for some time.

He does recordings too for many big bands. Timbaland is a rapper that sings with other bands such as the Justin Timberlake, Which is the one of the Nysnc band when they were together. Timbaland dates as far back as 1990’s. Timbaland best friend and growing up friend was Missy Elliot. They both worked with each other for quite some time. Timbaland is a record producer making him help a lot of singers out there, known for his performances during tour. The up coming tour will be a great event to see.

The tour that starts the December 07 of the 2007 they’re traveling around the North America. Timbaland will also be producing a couple of radio shows this December too. Timbaland has earned a lot of awards with in many years. Timbaland also earned a BET award the year of 2007. Timbaland has been working on many projects with many other music producers and artist. Timbaland had a controversy over a dispute of plagiarism, which was resolved. Timbaland and Magoo have about 3 albums out together the rest are solo. Timbaland made many albums by himself.

Timbaland is also known for constructing his music. So you can call him a master at the singing industry. That’s the way to be knowing how to produce and to sing. There is many singers out there today that have producers but to produce your own album is very smart. The tour will be based on Christmas this year, he will also be at the Tweeter center in Phildaphia.

Timbaland is one of many that can make the perfect rhythms that fit with each song making him a very talented singer. Being around since the 1990’s he has been through a lot of singers. Make sure you look for his tour and where he is going. There is more information on the internet by looking at google or yahoo. Just type in timbaland tour you will see his website and his site is simple to find the next tours.


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