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Timbaland ayo technology

If you have ever listened to the Timbaland Ayo technology song, you may have noticed that this song has three very good rappers in it. Featuring the 50-cent, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. This song is very techno and nice beat. This song was made 8/14/2007 so it’s brand new and has a nice beat

This song features a lot of nice sounds and rhythm. These song features timbaland producers, which make it, have a nice song and mix. The three rappers are perfect in the sync of the beat. The beginning of the song is real nice. Gives it a nice start to make people like the song. After that the beat gets better and faster. Justin Timberlake has the beat to the song making it have a nice rhythm. Even timberland sings during the song making another different voice.

The three getting together for the duet was a good move. Timberlake goes good with Curtis and Timberland. The song brings a nice techno version of a modern age sound. Timberlake and Timbaland, weren’t they were great in “bring sexyback?” The song is one of many that Timbaland sings and makes a good performance. There was many projects that timberland and Curtis performed. Many songs they produced. Same with Justin timberland he had many projects with him. They all work under the same clutch they call it. They all work together and make many good songs that get people buying their new albums. People also go for the work together albums to see who is compatible.

Timbaland Ayo technology was performed in London. Curtis is in the beginning of the song and has been through a lot to get to where he is today. Shot nine times will sure get you somewhere if you live. Timberland is more a producer making him more then likely a good person to do projects with to make them more successful. With all that has been in the few years they keep coming out with more bands teaming up making awesome songs. Then again people that do there own are singles and make it big are the most successful too, the duet thing is popular since the 60’s.

This song is a must get for people that like the R&B, rap, and hip-hop because he combines them all in one! So make sure you look for the Timbaland: “Ayo technology” it’s been out since 8/14/07 and it’s a nice album, once you hear this song you can count on believing that this is a good song, especially with all three song artists in it.


January 11, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland

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