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Pirates of the caribbean party

Children are fascinated in celebrating birthdays. Every child waits patiently for the D-day and dreams to throw a lavish party on this important occasion. They plan months ahead searching for a good theme for their party. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is the popular theme among many children. As this movie received tremendous reception among children, many of them wish to celebrate their birthdays on this popular theme.

Arranging Pirates of the Caribbean party is not a difficult task. Before arranging the party a little planning is required. You may also have to do some research on the internet in order to arrange the right favors, decorations and other things for your Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Most of the articles can be purchased from local department stores or specialized party stores. If you are creative, you can make pirate themed articles yourself with available household articles by buying some additional things.

Invitation for Pirates of the Caribbean party can resemble the theme. You can use a treasure map to print the invitation and font can be medieval like in appearance and the wordings can be like “Davy Jones out there, Enter the party if ye dare!!’ etc.

Many people include exiting party games in birthday parties to increase the fun as everyone is fond of playing games irrespective of their age. Treasure hunt can be an ideal party game for Pirates of the Caribbean party. Guests can be asked to find a treasure based on clues planted at several places. Each clue can give a small price and a hint for the next clue, and ultimately the last clue can identify the location of the treasure. The prices at clue location can be Pirates related items such as bones, coins, skull, etc to add flavor to the theme. The treasure can contain items like gemstones, gold coins, maps and should be buried in the garden. One can purchase all these items from local traders or online stores. There are low cost artificial crafts, eye patches, masks, pirate hats and favors are available in the market.

Pirates of the Caribbean party refreshments can be splendid, if it resembles the pirate theme. Buried treasure cup cakes that contain candy in the middle and tropical juices in coconut shaped cups with a sword shaped stir stick can make ideal pirate theme party dishes. Pirates of the Caribbean party decorations can be items such as coconuts, sand, palm trees, wooden barrels, mast, walk-the-planks and pirate flags.


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