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Pictures of the caribbean

The Caribbean Islands is the most visited tourist destination in the world and every year there is a steady increase in the tourists who visit the different islands of the Caribbean. The sandy beaches, the waterfalls, the harbors etc around the Caribbean islands provide the visitor interested in photography with innumerable opportunities to photograph most beautiful images on their cameras. An avid photographer will never leave disappointed visiting any Caribbean island. Be it the windward Island or St. Vincent or Trinidad or Guyana, a tourist will be amazed by the picturesque locations that the nature has to offer.

Any Caribbean island is said to be incomplete without the beautiful, serene and picturesque beaches and any visitor is sure to enjoy each and every beach he or she visits. The white sandy Eagle beach of Aruba is a picture perfect beach with coconut trees and deep blue crystal clear sea waters and will entice a visitor to look at this nature’s beauty for many hours. Many tourists from all over the world visit this beach to enjoy the white sands, water as well as to take a nice sun bath apart from capturing the images of the beautiful eagle beach.

Another picturesque building that is seen in the Caribbean across a harbor is the pastel colored buildings in Curacao of Dutch Antilles and this is a very pleasant sight to the eyes. If in St. Lucia, it is advised that the visitor should not miss the beautiful and breathtaking St. Lucia waterfall that is falling from rocks surrounded by greenery. The chirping of the birds and the rich flora of the area will definitely prompt the visitors to take a picture or two of the beautiful waterfall. Another important tourist spot that will provide a visual treat to a photographer is the Rain forests of Dominica in the Caribbean region and is a treat for nature lovers.

A picture that many travelers carry with them back to their countries after their holidaying in the Caribbean is the Celebrity houses in Barbados. The landscape and the well structured and built houses is a must see for any visitor. The Pigeon spot is an important tourist spot along the white sandy beaches of the Tobago coast in the Caribbean. The coconut trees and the calm serene waters will provide a refreshing feeling to the visitor. The Grand Pitons in St. Lucia is also an important tourist location that is sure to make any visitor take a picture of the beautiful mountains and the town area at the bottom of these mountains. There are many photographic locations in and around Caribbean for the tourists to capture in their cameras.


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