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Timbaland time

It is unusual that a performer and composer that came up with sounds that are completely original could be as conservative in lifestyle as Timbaland. This is an artiste who created his own classics like Timbaland Time. The lyrics of the song have become so well known as to be an anthem for the men of the world. Timbaland Time is the work of an honest man.

Timbaland Time is a song that is poetry set to music. It is surprisingly forthright in regards to its subject. The song is considered as unusual for the depth of feeling that is portrayed. A great appeal of this particular song is in its language. Contemporary listeners understand. Timbaland is a man who has bared his soul.

It seems that he never retreats from producing work that is purely his own expression. The words of his lyrics such as Timbaland Time hover above the sounds and between the spaces that he creates. This artistry is founded firstly on natural talent. Timbaland has somehow managed to refine certain areas of his ability. However, there is always an underlying earthiness.

His lyrics and music are never what is expected. Sound, rhythm and words are as natural as breathing to a real talent and this was highlighted in Timbaland Time. This classic is played and cherished by his fans all over the world. This performer has a following that is displayed in album sales that prove his fans are smitten. The man continues to add enormous value to the music world.

He has a genuine heart for emerging talent. It is no secret that Timbaland and Missy Elliot supported one another from way back. When hearing their intertwined musical history it is not surprising that these two personalities are on the same track. It was their mutual admiration and recognition of one another’s talent that kept them supportive.

This long established artiste with his drum driven sound will have songs like Timbaland Time as flagship lyrics. However, the ever moving and evolving Timbaland is even visiting the sound of rock. He turns it into something that has Timbaland all over it. He is never afraid to try anything new. The charm of this man’s creative spark is in a sound that seems like an afterthought. It seems so simple and yet it’s how he pulls everything together. Timbaland is able to do this with simple spacing or a fading hiccup.


January 10, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland

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