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Timbaland shock value

Everybody who is anybody seems to be on the latest album of Timbaland. Shock Value has harnessed the talents of wildly popular artistes such as and in no specific order:

* Justin Timberlake
* Fall Out Boy
* Elton John
* The Hives
* 50 Cent

Even with so may guest appearances there is more than enough time for the man himself. There is something different about this album. Maybe it’s the feeling that everybody is trying to be ‘ahead of its time’. This effortless ‘being ahead’ is usually a natural expression for Timbaland. Shock Value seems a little too set.

His fans don’t seem to give a hiccup. As far they are concerned, Timbaland can do no wrong. That’s fine, as long as he is capable of pitching all those ideas he has in a musical package that is palatable. It doesn’t have to be right. Timbaland is founded on making the unacceptable wanted. On Timbaland Shock Value, he is still the star performer.

This is how big the man is. The caliber of guests he has on Timbaland Shock Value allows him to dominate. It’s simple enough. Timbaland can do no wrong. In the eyes of fans that is. He gets plenty of all that from other quarters. Timbaland’s response, “I’m number one, you’re number shit!” Take it or leave it. It would be safe to say most take it.

Fans get what they want. Tim has achieved his mode on Shock Value by using:

* rhymes that don’t get in your way
* thumping guitar-specked beat
* beat candy in different flavors
* rhythm instruments like riffs

For those who are interested, and it will be many, there is a reason for everything from Timbaland. Shock Value gets its name because Tim says “Yeah, the reason why I call it Shock Value is like now, everybody is calling me ‘Timbaland the hip hop producer. No, I’m not a hip hop producer……I’m a producer.’ So, there it is. Tim is a producer. Not that it makes any real difference to his fans. They just want the music.

As far as Tim’s concerned he can do Celine Dion because he’s not hip hop. Die hard fans from the early days may disagree. Newcomers just may be won over by Timbaland. Shock Value makes its statement. To the myriad of fans, the only worthwhile statement is do they want to listen or not.


January 10, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland

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