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Timbaland biography

You may have heard Timbaland’s albums that he produced, and you may have heard the songs that he sang, now it is time to read about Timbaland. Within this article you will learn who Timbaland is and what it is that he does.

Lets start at the beginning when Timbaland first came out to share with this world the talents that he has been blessed with. has created songs for some of the biggest musician names in the industry. These names include Aaliya, Ludacris and even Ja Z. Would you like to know what Timbaland’s real name is?

If you want to know Timbalands birth name it is Timothy Z. Mosley. Timothy Z. Mosley AKA Timbaland was born on March 10, 1971. Would you like to know where Timbaland is from? Timbaland is from Norfolk, Virginia. Today Timothy Z. Mosley is only known by his stage name, he is also considered to be one of the predominant hip-hop and R&B producers and rappers around.

There is no doubt that Timbaland has actually had success with his music career. Timbaland has had success for many reasons. Lets start with the fact that he does have immense talent and there is no hiding this. Timbaland has a very unique sound that blurred the lines between rap, R&B and hip-hop, the ending result in this created a new genre of music that has become amazingly accessible to the public. However, you may want to know that Timbaland also knew the right people to make him who he is today.

As Timbaland was growing up in Norfolk, he actually became friends with a female rapper that was unknown at the time, Missy Elliot. Timberland also met Melvin Barcliff who is known as Magoo, those two together later formed the hip-hop group known as Timbaland and Magoo. The three Missy, Timberland and Melvin moved to Suffern, New York where they would pursue their musical aspirations.

You may not know it but throughout the late 1990’s and into this day now, Timbaland has made himself one of the most prolific and highly looked for artists in the music industry. You may find that his songs are more present through media outlets and not just the radio. Timberlands music has found itself in many different films such as: “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “Doctor Dolittle,” “Romeo Must Die,” “Moulin Rouge” and even “Tomb Raider.” Today Timbaland is becoming a father and is even getting married, he proposed to his girlfriend at her baby shower, isn’t that cute?


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