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Soccer goalkeeper

You all can remember those school days on the playground, during Physical education classes. Remember! You had to play football and you had to make two teams. Two leaders had to choose their players. Some of the kids used to pray not to be chosen as goalkeepers. In general, they want to run on the soccer pitch, to play a dynamic game, whereas being a goalkeeper can be considered quite a static and boring job. Well, this is not true! A goalkeeper must have many qualities and he must be one of the wisest players on the soccer pitch. One of the soccer rules related to goalkeepers is the possibility of touching the ball with his hand or other part of the body when they are in their team’s penalty area. When they get out of it, the magic disappears and they must obey the same rules as the other soccer players.
Another interesting aspect concerning the goalkeepers is the one related to their height. For example in western countries, in general they must be about 6 feet tall. Actually, in general goalkeepers in soccer are the tallest players of the team. Their height can be an advantage in defending the goal. Moreover, a tall man has long arms and large hands and that is why he can better cover the dangerous area of the goal against opponent team’s hits. There are examples of goalkeepers who are masters of saving kicks from penalty. Such an example is the soccer player Mickael Landreau.
Furthermore, you can find out some aspects related to goalkeepers’ behavior on attack and playmaking.
They do not have to spend their time during the game in the area of penalty. Actually, they can approach the game from any point of the football pitch. They can even behave as supplementary defenders when the circumstance requires it during a game. Football players like the Mexican Jorge Campos and many others are famous for their ability of playing quite far from the area of penalty. They can even score goals if they are rushing towards the other end of the field having the purpose to create a numeric advantage for his team. Such a desperate like rush is usually called goalie run and it can be risky. It is not recommended to do it at the beginning of the game, only later on, when last minute goal can be imperiously necessary.


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