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Soccer goal hit

If soccer is your favorite sport, but you only enjoy watching it because you have never dared to play it, here are some suggestions which can help you not only play it better, but also try that most expected goal hit. You will find out exactly what movements are necessary in order to send the ball exactly into the goal.
1. First you have to stand somewhere behind your ball and put the foot which is not so strong next to the ball.
2. Then you can pull your foot, which is stronger back then try to swing it to the ball then hit the ball using your instep, so you do not have to use your toes. Using one knee over your ball, you can strike the ball using your foot, more precisely the top as well as your toes directed down to the ground.
3. Learn how to aim. This means that you have to shoot your ball in the goal. Here are several steps concerning your aim previously ball hitting.
o Think of the area where you need to put it. Using the weak foot, which is not far from the ball, you may direct the shot wherever you want. Whether you put your large toe on the left, it is on the left that you will shoot. There is the same thing if you move towards the right.
Furthermore, you can read some tips for a successful hit on the goal
* The ball must be hit with your foot, more precisely with its inside part or its outside one as this can curve the ball.
* When you see the ball keeps rolling towards you, you must shoot it immediately, leaning over it, in order not to get a too high shot.
* The ball may come unexpectedly. In this case, you have to shoot it too and your shot must be powerful.
Apart from tips there are warnings as well.
* You must not shoot very much, though; you must do it when you have the opportunity.
* If you are not an expert in tricks with the ball, do not try to approach some of them.
* Do not use toes for shooting
* You must try taking control over the ball the first time before a shoot.
* Do not try shooting from spots, which are very difficult. Sometimes can be their teammates who enjoy better position.


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