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Mental health care

The health of a person is defined by many factors. These factors are in most of the cases, physical. These factors have something to do with the body and its different parts. Hence we have a list of ailments which affect the body which include pains, sprains, ulcers and tumors etc. these are all the situations affecting the body and its different parts, and which affect the physical well being of a person in general. However there are certain illnesses in which the body is not affected, but the mind of the person is. These ailments of the mind are called mental health hazards.

There are a number of costs involved in treating a mental condition. The cost of treatment varies with the method of treatment used and the ailment from which the person suffers. In case the person is suffering from an illness of the mind wherein his mind has stopped functioning to a major degree, as in the case of coma, the person needs a great deal of personal care and support and cannot be treated in socialized health care systems. Hence the person will have to afford a personalized health care system and the costs for which will be quite high. On the other hand, if a person suffers from illnesses such as hallucination and some other similar illnesses of the mind, he would most probably opt for a socialized health care system and thus would save on a lot of costs. A mental health care system provides all things for the mental well being of a person. A mental health care system is often associated with being a lunatic or a mad man. However, it is not a fact. All people who suffer from mental illnesses are not lunatics. Mental illnesses that can be cured by effective mental health care are often small illnesses of the mind which affect only a limited portion of the daily life of a person. Hence a person who suffers from mental illnesses need not always be a lunatic or for that matter need not suffer from any major illness too.

People treating mental illnesses and offering mental health care facilities are called psychiatrists. These people are specialized in treating mental illnesses and hence can effectively cure the same. He opinion of such a practitioner providing mental health care services should be obtained for early and effective remedy to all the mental health care problems associated with that person.


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