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Medicare non-covered services

Have you ever wondered what Medicare doesn’t cover? Well Medicare covers all that goes wrong with you that will affect your life. That’s how most medical insurances are now in to today’s world, being that there is not much that Medicare doesn’t cover. There is a lot of coverage being offered to those individuals that have been found to qualify for the health insurance known as Medicare.

Medicare non-covered services are medical procedures that deal with cosmetics. Like plastic surgery to alter your face to make you have more features or so on and so forth. Those type of procedures are not needed because that’s not life threatening, in today’s world individuals are known to have many problems with their self image so they have to change themselves because they are not happy, Medicare will not cover this no matter what. What Medicare will cover that will alter your self-image is if you are severely overweight, Medicare will cover liposuction.

There are some other types of plastic surgery that it does cover also. Say like if you broke your noise for and example? If it’s being that it needs to be fixed because of the noise blocking the breathing then Medicare covers it. That’s a medical problem that is covered. Another example is if you have very bad burns on your body and you needed skin. Medicare covers all that type of stuff retaining if its life taking or not.

Women that get face-lifts and other things, that’s not covered at all by Medicare. That’s not life threatening so that is going to be at your own expense. There isn’t any insurance out there that helps pay for plastic surgery that you want. The truth to the matter is that face-lifts are very common today along with breast reduction or making them a size up, none of this is necessary so once again, and it will not be covered by any type of insurance.

People over 65 don’t want to have all this plastic surgery so they pretty much don’t worry about plastic surgery unless it’s life treating, which that’s another reason why Medicare don’t cover the plastic surgery. With some operations a plastic surgeon will have to step in if it involves the skin in some way. Breast cancer is covered and you need plastic surgery for that to make sure everything is fine for the patient; this would be covered because it is labeled under the health hazard category.


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