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Medicare billing

When it comes to learning about the billing requirement pertaining to Medicare you will find that the instructions are fairly simple. Medicare billing will probably be one of the better understanding subjects to many people. Within this article you are going to learn all about the procedures and precautions that you should take when you are dealing with Medicare billing.

Even with Medicare billing they may find that there are errors being made when trying to submit Medicare billing. There are claims that are being submitted to the office that have been either denied, or there is more information required in order to make the processing complete. The issues that we are about to list in the next paragraph are issues that you should always make sure you have checked for when you are submitting your claim.

In item 32 you will see that it requires the name and address which includes the zip code, some individuals fail to fill in the zip code, you should know that any missing, invalid or incomplete information recorded in this field that is required will result in your claim being returned or even rejected in the system and will be called unprocessable. In item number 32 you will see that it also requires you to list the place that the service was rendered to the patient. If you supply the words “SAME” in item 32 which is indicating that the information is the same as supplied in item number 33 will number will not be accepted.

When filling out your Medicare billing you should always make sure that the referring/ordering physician’s name and his or her UPIN is listed on the claim itself. This type of information is required to be put in item number 17 and also 17a on all the diagnostic services which also includes consultations.

One other thing you may want to look out for when doing Medicare billing is diagnosis codes that are being used because if they are invalid of truncated then the Medicare billing will not go through. The diagnosis codes that are invalid are usually because thee has been one extra digit or extra digits that has been added to make it five digits long. When you are doing Medicare billing you will need to keep in mind that not all of the diagnosis codes will be five digits long. You will need to check your ICD-9-CM coding book in order to find the correct diagnosis code.


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