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Harlots of the caribbean

The Harlots of the Caribbean is a soft core adult English flick that is similar to the Bikini Pirates movies. There is no hard core sex stuff shown in this movie, but it is better to be watched alone or in the company of other adults and is not a movie that one can watch along with his kids. The duration of the movie is roughly about 80 minutes and falls in the genre of parody or spoof and is an out and out soft-core flick. The theme for this movie is pirates and the story revolves around the pirates.

It is a very racy, sexy and a silly movie that has strong sexual content as well as nudity in some sequences. The main cast in this movie includes Nichole Sheridan, Cassie Young and Beverly Lynne. These actresses are very popular and have starred earlier in similar soft core movies and are bikini regulars. Nichole Sheridan is the one who has played her role with finesse and has blend into the character very well. She is looking very pretty and cute in this movie and is sure to spice up the men watching her in the movie. Nichole Sheridan is playing the girl friend of a scuba diver in this movie, Harlots of the Caribbean. The scuba diver comes across a lady pirate’s journal while diving on some wreck.

The plot starts to thicken once the journal reaches the scuba diver’s hand and the movie shows Evan Stone to be the ghost boyfriend of the lady pirate. The story is how Stone and the lady pirate return to reclaim their most lost possession, the journal. The journal includes a map that has the details of the route that will lead to the treasure that was buried by these two characters some two hundred years ago. There are a lot of sexy scenes and soft core stuff in between the movies that stems the flow of the movie a bit.

Any person interested in watching soft-core movies and is interested in a little bit of sex comedy is sure to enjoy this movie. This movie is strictly for adults and should not be viewed by children. It is a time pass movie and there is nothing in this movie to rave about. An ardent or a die hard fan of Nicole Sheridan is sure to love this movie as she has been neatly characterized in this movie and she looks absolutely stunning in this movie.


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