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Fifa 2008 diving on the ps2

One of the most frustrating aspects of playing a video game, any video game, is not being able to figure out how to make a specific move that seems pertinent to game play. This is no exception on the FIFA 2008 soccer game produced for the Playstation 2 gaming console. Diving is an important move for any player and being able to accomplish this move will help gamers excel as they play.

Diving it probably the most important move a keeper – that’s a goalie for Americans – can make. In real life, they need to be able to pretty much throw their body across the goal in order to keep the ball from getting past them and allowing the opposite team to score. Being able to do this in past versions of the game has been a problem and there had been talk by EA Sports to add a dive button to the 2008 version of the game. This was not done and now there is speculation that it might be in the 2009 version.

While this doesn’t help players now, gamers are going to have to take the time to perfect this motion as they play. Reviewers have brought up the point that it is no longer easy to shoot past a diving goalie and that players will have to execute specific moves in order to make it happen. Unfortunately what they don’t tell you is how to make the keeper dive.

Persistent players will either perfect the dive on their own or can spend some time scouring the Internet to find a video that demonstrates how a keeper can dive and keep the opposing team from scoring. One reviewer who actually managed to make his player dive was rewarded with a yellow card from the video game referee. If someone manages to figure out how to do this, many people would be thankful if they posted to keystrokes it took to do it.

This is actually one of the big differences and selling points between FIFA 2008 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. Pro Evolution added a diving function to their game, giving it an edge over EA Sport’s game. It is frustrating for gamers to not be able to find the right codes to be able to dive, but if they play the game long enough, they will eventually find the right code sequence. Hopefully, they will also keep in mind exactly what combination of keystrokes, and direction control they performed to make their keeper dive.


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