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Fall out boy feat timberland

Here we have this rock band, then we have this hip-hop/R&B sensation that might we add, has some really good songs available on the market today. Would it be hard to believe if we told you that these two teamed up together? Within this article you are going to learn about the song and a little more about Fall Out Boys and Timberland so if you are interested in either of these singers then you should continue reading.

In this day and age you must already know that there is nothing that is impossible. You seem to have all types of musicians teaming up with one another. You have country singers teaming up with rappers, which in the old days you would have never thought that would happen, but it did and it’s the best. If you did not already know it, we will just come out and say it, Timberland has teamed up with the rock band known as Fall out boy and made a song. Is this hard to believe? We told you anything is possible.

What caused Fall Out Boy and Timberland to get together and make a song we, as the general public may never be able to know this. But there is no doubt that Timberlands voice just seems to go with every other musicians voice. Timberland just seems to have that voice that will go with even the worst of singers and make it sound good.

Have you ever listened to any of Timberlands songs? If so then you will know what we are speaking about in this article. We must tell you that the time that Fall Out Boys actually got together and sung a song with Timberland was actually rare. If you try looking for it you may not have any luck because this song is pretty rare. If you need some help with finding it, the song that Fall out Boy feat Timberland sings together is: called “One And Only.”

If you have never heard the fall out boy feat Timberland song then you won’t find it by listening to the radio, Timberland may have put this song on one of his CD’s so maybe you will have luck by looking at Timberlands CD’s. Will Timberland and Fall Out Boys ever team up to sing a song together again? We don’t know but as we told you in the beginning of this article, anything is possible in this world.

January 10, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland

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