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Earthquake in the caribbean

The Caribbean is a very beautiful part of the world and a lot of tourists are attracted each year to the natural beauty of the island and its famed beaches. The natural hazard however facing the islands that make the Caribbean is earthquake. Some of the islands even reportedly are subjected to instances of volcanic unrest. Related to the earthquake menace are also tsunamis and surges of storm.
People usually get warned these days if there is a pending earthquake. These give time to evacuate or avoid the vicinity. Some countries of the Caribbean are more prone to experience earthquakes than others. A lot of the people have come to recognize the signs and learn useful tips on how to behave if an earthquake occurs. Tips like getting out of buildings, vehicles and around large objects and trees all prove helpful. Earthquake activity sometimes can still be unpredictable and an area that has experience some quiet over time could suddenly experience serious quakes seemingly without warning.
The Caribbean’s tectonic setting makes the area susceptible to earthquakes. All the commonwealth Caribbean countries lie close to the approximate Caribbean plate boundaries. This however is with the exception of Bahamas and Guyana. The Caribbean underground plate moves eastward at a rate of 20 millimeters per year as against the North American and South American plates. The boundaries of these plates experience some level of inter-plate activity while along the margin at the north which would include areas in the vicinities of Caribbean countries Jamaica and the Virgin Islands shallow moderate earthquakes are formed.
Several earthquakes did occur in the years past during what is referred to as post-Columbian times. These earthquakes caused a great deal of damage throughout the Caribbean. Popular among them are the earthquake in Jamaica of the seventeenth century and the Guadeloupe earthquake of the nineteenth century. A lot of the modern day earthquake occurrence range from being mild to being severe. The earthquake activity of the Caribbean is certainly not one to be ignored no wonder that a lot of money is spent on research and monitoring of the seismic underground activity.
Over the years a lot of research has been put into the seismic activity of the Caribbean Island. A lot of groups, bodies and Universities are championing these researches. A better understanding of earthquakes has led to people being better prepared and would eventually lead to longer more accurate advance warnings. The occurrence of earthquakes however does not reduce the beauty or attraction of the Caribbean.

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