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Build soccer goal

Whether you have little soccer players in the family, you can make the decision that to build your personal goal for soccer is a better alternative than purchasing one. Besides, it is a better idea as well, than hauling children towards the soccer pitch are on a daily basis. To have an area for practicing at home will not only assure that kids can spend a lot of time trying to perfect their strategies; it can keep them as well not far from the house so that their parents can monitor them better.
If a permanent goal is what you want, you may set up pressure treated four by four into a concrete area, nail across them a two by four, and then hang your net onto the cross bar made of wood.
The materials and tools you require are a twine, which serves you for tying the net onto the posts, a digger for posthole (you do not need to have one at home as long as it can be rented). To continue with, you need a level and a net, which must be at least of 3 mm thickness. Furthermore, you need for the goal posts two four by four elements and for the cross bar two by four elements. Of course, you need nails and a tape measure. Other equipment required can be staples and staple gun apart from a stepladder, if there is the case. Cement mixture can be needed and then a shovel or trowel, as well as a wheelbarrow or a bucket to prepare the mixture.
In general, kids are fascinated by such activities and they love especially digging with posthole diggers. As it requires some strength to plunge it in the ground, they are very proud when they manage to do it. If the ground is hard, you can soften it using some warm water. You should not water the area the day you start the project, but one day or two days before, in order to get a soft accessible ground. In this case, you have to wait until the holes get dry before you pour concrete.
And so on, systematically you can follow instructions and with a lot of patience, you can have your own football goal. When you see your outcome, you will be very proud of it irrespective of your age. If you get bored of it, or the ground is needed for other activities you can simply disassemble it in order to assemble it again when you want.


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