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Classy woman

Everyone has their own idea of what classy is. The idea of what is classy changes with each generation. While the 50’s considered classy women those who showed a little calf, always wore a dress and had very few opinions, today’s world is changed in many ways for women. A woman who dressed and acted like that in this era would be considered a prude or backwards. However, there are some things that have not, nor in my opinion, will ever change as far as the main stream idea of what makes a woman classy.

There are three main staples in the timeless idea of what makes classy woman … well, classy! It is in the way she carries herself, the way she dresses and the way she acts.

A) How a classy woman carries herself
This is often confused how a woman acts, or considered the same thing. Nothing could be more incorrect. How a woman carries herself is how she actually carries her body. You will never see a woman who is classy slouch or slump over. She carries herself tall, straight and lady like. Perhaps she holds her little pinky out when lifting a cup of tea or coffee. Keep in mind, men of good breeding or good quality are going to be looking for these things.
B) How a classy woman dresses
Dress is very important. If you are not dressing appropriately for your body style and age, then the other qualities seems out of place. There is much debate about what is age and size appropriate, so here are some basics:
* There should never be any of your body actually hanging OVER your clothing. This makes you look like you can’t pick out the right size clothing, it is not sexy.
* There should never be any bare middle showing unless you are in a swim suit. Yes, I do know it is in style, however unless you are a college student (and even that is debatable) it gives the impression of easiness, which is not classy.
* If you do not have the legs for a shorter skirt, do not wear them.
* Do not squeeze your body into spandex that shows every flaw!
C) How a classy woman acts
How you behave is very important, though the main pointers are:
* Don’t swear! Quality men honestly don’t like it.
* Don’t hit! No one really likes being hit.
* Be polite. Even if others are not.
Pay attention, you will see that women who are considered classy in this society have nearly all these qualities … and then some. You can have them too.


January 9, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Classy Woman

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