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Classy sexy women

Classy is simply defined as anything or anyone who exudes elegance in a simplistic manner. Anything that is too showy or outlandish is never associated with class. In other definitions, classy or class shows the stature, level or hierarchy of a thing or person. Sexy according to our good friend Webster is about someone who is excitingly appealing, attractive, sensually captivating and glamorous.

For a woman to be classy and sexy at the same time is not always an easy task, since not everyone can easily achieve this look. Many women mistake skin exposure as something that would immediately equate to sexy. While this does prove to be titillating especially to the hormonally infested male for most in merely comes across as trashy. Skin tight clothing, skin exposure either via deep cut necklines that expose more than a woman’s cleavage, super tight not to mention really short skirt leaves nothing to the imagination. This leads us to conclude that only men who have no imagination whatsoever are the ones who are easily enticed by this kind packaging or lack of packaging.

Women who are classy and sexy are able to wear the most boring outfit but be able to stand out because of the way they carry themselves, the way they walk, they talk, and the way they are able to be confident even if they are only wearing a sack of potatoes. Confidence is the key to achieving a sexy classy persona, being able to walk the walk and talk the talk. Knowing that whatever situation you are in, you are able to come out at your best. Sexy is feeling comfortable with yourself and having a confident disposition,

While there is nothing wrong with showing some skin, or wearing clothes that fit you like spray adhesive, simplicity is still best. Showing less leaves more to the imagination. Knowing when and where to use certain outfits is also helpful in achieving that sexy classy image. An eyehole cut, a little midriff exposure, a hint of cleavage, some sliver of skin showing up in the most unexpected places of a very well covered gown, like say a hint of leg is more eye candy than one could ever imagine. Looking like a porn star is not remotely classy some however might perceive them as sexy but it is more logical to say that they are sexually stimulating than anything else.


January 9, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Classy Woman

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