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Tips for defending in soccer goal

If you chat with any boy whose hobby is football he will tell you that it is very difficult to list several tips for defending in soccer goal and to use them. This can be difficult because each game has its specific. There are no two-football games, which include similar phases. It is just impossible. That is why you cannot take the tips and apply them. Each football player needs years of training and experience, many matches played, in order to create his personal strategy. Besides, the originality of a match consists as well in the fact that your movements depend on your opponents’ movements and you cannot always feel them or sense them even if you watched repeatedly tapes with their previous matches. However, there can be noticed several tips or tricks in order to arrive to a defensive game. First, you must know when to be aggressive and when to be patient. Sometimes, when you are not familiarized with a certain player you may not be very persistent when he is somewhere next to you and you may lose the ball in his favor. Therefore, you should not let yourself intimidated by any opponent even if he has a brilliant reputation. To continue with, you should not make sudden decisions and you should always remember your coach’s advice before a specific match. Especially when the match is very important and you have to qualify further on, you have to take into account the following aspects:
1. Containment is essential. Therefore, you must not pressure your opponent, even if you can find a position between the goal and the enemy. You must be ready for a lateral move together with your enemy.
2. In the case of a defensive game posture is also important. You have to stand on toes and bend your knees when you are ready to defend against the opponent. You must approach your opponent following an angle. If you do this, your opponent will not get control upon you so easily and even if he takes advantage, you can make sure that your turn around movement will be quick.
3. Tackling is important too. You should insist to get the ball only when you are sure you can have it. You can do it if the ball is quite far from the opponent’s body, otherwise he can take it from you.
Anyway, after several years of playing soccer, you can edit your own books containing tips for a defensive game, but most of the times, as we have already stated are personalized.


January 8, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Euro 2008

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