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The euro soccer ground tour

With Euro 2008 fast approaching, the interest in football – soccer to the United States – is once again building. Coaches are looking for an interesting way to teach their players new techniques to the game and by traveling across Europe and visiting other teams, they have the chance to learn from professionals of the game.

There are many organizations that plan these tours for coaches and their teams. They take into consideration what techniques the teams need to learn and exactly what skill level they are at. These soccer ground tours are a great learning experience for both the players and coaches. They are fun, exciting, and the perfect camp for teams to learn the sport.

These tours are not just for male teams, but also ladies soccer teams. They can travel to exotic places such as New Zealand, China, and even Brazil. They will have the chance to not learn tricks of the game, but also be able to tour, attend professional games, and play in tournaments against other player’s world wide.

Lodging and meals are provided with most of the tours available. Some tours require the tourists to pay for one meal while others, usually all day clinics, will provide all meals. The lodgings are all checked out and verified by professionals and have been used over and over for years for other clinics and tours.

Tours that take place overseas usually qualify for discounted air fare packages. Travel over Europe would take place via motor coach. If using a touring service, such as Euro-Sportring, professional guides are available for sight seeing tours. This gives the tourists the opportunity to sight-see under the trained and watchful eye of a professional guide who will know all the best and most interesting places to visit.

Price for team tours vary with the different companies that offer ground touring packages. They range from seven days to fourteen days and prices can start at $1,505.00 and higher. Some of the tours include professional matches and tournaments and are restricted to certain age ranges.

Tour packages for college teams are also available. These teams are given the opportunity to compete on an international level in preparation for their own college season. These teams have different needs as well, such as a daily practice field and weight training facilities. Once again, tours are a blend of practice, training, and cultural sightseeing, a chance not very many young people get the opportunity to experience.


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