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Soccer goal scoring success

Any football player is happy when he scores victorious goals for his team. You may wonder what is so difficult in scoring a goal. Well, it is not difficult at all; if you are aware of the steps, you have to take. You have to know that the most important thing is to be alone in front of the goal and to feel which the goalkeeper’s weakest side is. After you have found the most privileged position, all you have to do is to kick the ball to the net.
You can try some steps, which you can practice during training sessions:
1. You must visualize the ball. You need to have fewer defenders around you and the goal when the ball can be brought down, of course by opponents. You must be careful with the speed of the ball because it can be passed quickly from a player to another and you can easily lose it.
2. You can dribble of course using your feet, according to the rules of soccer, until you get to an open position, not far from the goal. You should try to reach the side, which is opposite to the goalkeeper. Whether you can see each other, face-to-face, you should try passing to a player who is open, but on the other side.
3. You must pull back your leg aiming for that goal. In addition, it can be usually extremely important a rapid kick off, as the players in defensive may be watching the ball, when the goalkeeper may not enjoy much time for adjusting towards the angle of your kick.
4. If you are a very determined person, you can simply kick it; I mean the ball towards the goal. Whether you may use any low, or fast, or sidekick, any goalkeeper can face more problems catching or blocking the ball. Any slow or high kicks often result in the goalkeeper holding the ball then throwing it towards his team.
5. To continue with, you have to take into account that soccer is a team game, not an individual one; therefore, when you are ready to score you must think of the fact that you do it for your team. Thus, if other player can do it instead of you, do not hesitate and pass him the ball. Maybe his position is most favorable for scoring.
6. When you want to score, do not give up until the moment you really cannot control the ball.


January 8, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Euro 2008

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