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Classy stylish lady

A classy stylish lady can look rebellious, original, without being interested in current trends from the point of view of clothes, hairstyle or makeup. There are many stylish ladies having a strong personality, who are intelligent and innovative and they prefer this job from personal reasons. They either like it very much, either need much money in a short time or they have different other reasons. A classy stylish lady is self confident, always open to challenges and expressing their personality through look.
To continue with, a classy stylish lady can have sexy eyes, attracting anybody around them. Besides, they must be careful with their eyelashes because they must seduce art once. Furthermore, their cheeks need discrete blush and their lips must be fresh, ready to be kissed. They must be irresistible, and mysterious…
Here are some makeup tips for a stylish classy lady. You can apply a few foundation drops on your forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin and spread them with circular movements towards the exterior of your face, using a special sponge. The stick, which corrects eye circles, is extremely useful. Do not forget about the blush, a slightly shimmering one, peach shade for example, which you will apply using a special brush.
As far as your eyes are concerned, you can apply on the arcade, immediately under the eyebrow a brick red shade. Your sight will be more intense if you use a chocolate like eyelid makeup. You can use black ink to contour your eyes. Optionally you can apply over the ink a chocolate makeup. Mascara must extend eyelashes, like a shadow over eyes, so you can choose a product for more volume.
For your lips liquid lipstick is recommended, including shiny particles so that you will look unique, a real night princess.
If you are interested in classy ladies attitude in their job, it can be a sweet one, with gentle touches, and passionate kisses, in a sensual setting. Some of the classy ladies prefer to be dressed in intimate underwear and they invite their client in the bathroom, where they undress each other slowly. After that, they can sink into the warm water exchanging gentle touches and sweet kisses.
On the other hand, there is also the bad girl style who offers plenty of unexpected sensations to their customers. For example, she asks him to be quiet and she delicately bites him or anyway, she dominates him. Of course, for a glorious final both of them must enter the world of her fantasies, depending on her style.


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