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Classy lady vintage cars

Classy is an attitude, the confidence and simplistic manner a person can carry or conduct himself or herself in public. Classy, stylish, elegant and fashionable can be simply defined as anything or anyone who exudes sophistication in a simplistic manner. Anything that is too flashy, gaudy or outlandish is not to be associated with classy. In other definitions, classiness shows the stature, level, intensity or hierarchy of a thing, individual or group of individuals.

A classy lady vintage cars is someone who like Hilary Clinton is able and capable to maintain poise under pressure and public scrutiny. During her husband’s scandal while in office, Mrs. Hilary Clinton was the picture of class and dignity. Her ability to surpass that incident and rise over it is what makes her classy. A woman can by fashion sense be considered as classy. Audrey Hepburn during her hay days was the epitome of class. Like Jackie O her taste and sense when it came to fashion meant understated elegance. Simple pieces, that were basics easily found in every woman’s closet. Usually classified by the use of solid basic colors such as blacks and whites, other equally somber hues like grey, tan, beige and even deep reds can be worn. The key to achieving a classy outfit is keeping it simple, not too many prints, no assortment of colors, just simple colors that exude refinement and elegance.

Classy lady vintage cars or any other nationality for the matter is woman’s capability to be comfortable and confident in any given scenario or situation. Again it is grace under pressure. Commonly the word classy is associated with a person who is by birth born into a wealthy or famous family; this is not always the case. Heiress Paris Hilton for one is born into such a family however her choices and the lifestyle she leads does not epitomize any classiness. The name does not make the person; the person makes the name or in this case can possibly ruin a name. Classy is not merely a birth right, classy is an attitude a manner a person conducts himself in public with dignity, refinement and elegance. American women are classy because they are educated and mainly because the country is well off and is progressive hence it is in their nature to be able to adapt to changes in which the people they interact with exude a refined and elegant stature.


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