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Classy french women

A tres chic! The French women are known for their air of elegance and sophistication, perhaps this is done in association to their country and their culture. France is after all a country filled to the brim with elegance and sophisticated beauty. Its architecture is known all over the world, its landmarks, its sculptures, its paintings even French cuisine is an art form on its own.

Class is defined as a social structure, a group, a sector or measure used to identify quality or hierarchy. A classy person therefore is someone of good social standing, someone who is known for it or exhibits attributes that make him or her classy. Perhaps the most common reason why French women are often found classy is because of their choice of clothes, the labels on their backs, the ones on the soles of their feet. From head to toe, the French woman via merchandising can definitely be described as classy, Hermes or Vuitton, Lacroix, Louboutin, Dior and many more. All French, all adored by women but revered and widely used by French women the most. Perhaps the runway fashion that is often simple staples to the closet of every woman not counting haute couture of course is what makes the French women classy. The way they are able to throw on all these big names and yet still look like their wearing something so basic, so simple and still so chic.

There’s also that curious way how French women are able to remain slim and svelte even after all the succulent, rich and flavorfully infused food that they have. One book says the secret to why every French woman’s slim figure is all about their eating habits, the wine sipping, the gossip during meals, the small bites, the little entrees. Just about everything in moderation, classy is availing of the less is more outlook. By less we mean the most basic not less as in fewer clothes, its practicing moderation, that there is classy. Consuming only what you can and leaving room for other things. Only get what you can handle, more does not always mean its good, allowing extra breathing room shows good breeding and a desire to pace oneself accordingly. Its confidence and comfort in oneself without having the need to constantly adapt to every detail in its environment. French women are classy because of the confident way they are able to express themselves in any given environment.


January 8, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Classy Woman

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