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Classy european ladies

Classy ladies can be found about anywhere in the world. Depending on your budget and your tastes, you can find about any type of woman to satisfy your hidden fantasies. In Europe, as everywhere, there are real actual networks, which deal with this type of business. For example, in Moldavia, twenty-five percent of the women are victims of the international human traffic according to official statistics. Prevention programs are developing to try to reduce the number of the illegal activities. There are people who traveled across Europe to study this phenomenon. Although it is known the fact that prostitution is one of the oldest ” jobs ” and way of life, lately, such networks, and this business developed so much that government programs, as well as non-profit organization programs could hardly handle. The number of the women involved in this sexual traffic is amazingly high and increasing day by day. As studies revealed, the most common reason that pushes women to be involved in such activities is poverty.

Indeed, poverty has reached incredible levels in some parts of Europe, and not only there. However, in Europe, according to studies, most of the women join the activity because they cannot get a decent job. Many of them, attracted by the “magic” of other countries, try their luck somewhere else, far away from home.

Well, as the market is “full,” changing the country does not necessarily mean more money or success. This way, most of them are forced to come back home and return to live in the poverty and the poor conditions they try to leave behind. The rehabilitation programs are few and they cannot handle the high number of women involved. Mostly, the reintegration of these women fails because they have neither other skills nor training, and even if they achieve them with the help of a program, they go back to what they were doing before because it is more comfortable to them, and easier, so they say. The network in Europe is wide and very well established. They lure young girls in general, inexperienced and less trained ones, especially poor coming from a poor environment, and tempt them with a lot of money and a luxury life in exchange of their body. The corruption method is very simple: first, the dealers put ads in the papers for job offers, in different parts of the continent, and offer great salaries. The candidates show up in a large number, they are selected, then, only the most beautiful and good-looking ones get to leave.


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  1. great stuff, great site.

    Comment by Mark | January 15, 2008 | Reply

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