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Classy black women

Halle Berry even in her rather kinky and fetish and bondage induced portrayal of Catwoman is still one of the classiest African American woman, or in more simple terms, a classy black woman. Halle is the first African American woman to have won an Oscar for her portrayal in the movie Monsters Ball. While achievements does not make a woman classy her amazing ability to conquer roles of different nature and genre while still maintaining her unique and simplistic lifestyle is what makes her classy, this is not in anyway an article about Ms Berry, she is however one of the best examples of a classy woman.

Women are defined classy by the simple way they are able to carry themselves. The way they can confidently walk into a room with a garbage bin on as a fashion statement and still be able to hold a decent and not to mention relatively up to date and interesting conversation. A woman regardless of the skin tone or melting pot she has come from is classy in all aspects of the way she can carry herself. Classy is in the way she is confident about her looks, about her style, about her knowledge and is confident about herself in general. Classy is simplistic, natural, and basic while being unique and an eye catcher.

Black women are classy in the way they are able to express themselves, their attitude, their ideas, their beliefs. Think Oprah, she is probably the most well known African American woman who is classy in every way. Her sense of style, her career choice, her home, her ideas, her aptitude to help out those in need without discriminating them because of their color. Most would assume that Ms. Oprah would most likely extend her helping hand out to those of her “skin type” excuse the term, she however has extender her hand to anyone who is in need. Young or old, black, tan, white or yellow, Oprah is a classy black woman because of her insatiable desire to help out without asking for anything in return. Her being truthful, her open mindedness, her generosity and her honesty about her past is what makes her classy and loved by all. Oprah accepts everything, she is thankful of her past and present, and she constantly remembers what it was like growing up and constantly reminds people not to be ashamed of their beginnings.


January 8, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Classy Woman

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