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Radio station

In the following article, I would like to take the time to define what a radio station truly is for you. There are many people out there that listen to radio stations everyday but they do not truly understand the value that a radio station possesses. In the earlier times when the radio stations first came about, they were known to simply be radio telegraph systems which in turn did not actually carry audio. In fact, it is known that the first audio transmission that can actually be claimed took place on Christmas Eve of the year nineteen o’ six which was when the first broadcast could be considered made and was actually made by Reginald Fessenden.
There were many experimenters in earlier times whom attempted to actually create the systems that were known to be similar in some ways to the radiotelephone devices in which there were only two parties that were actually meant to be able to communicate, there were also other radiotelephone devices that were actually meant to transmit to a larger range of audiences. It is known that Charles Herrold actually started broadcasting in the state of California in the year of nineteen o’ nine and was able to actually carry audio within the next year after he had started.
It was during the decade after this that the radio tinkers had no other choice but to build their own receivers. In fact, KDKA which was an AM station that was located in Pittsburgh which is located in Pennsylvania and was owned by Westinghouse was able to start broadcasting as what was known as the first commercial radio station in the month of November on the second day of the year nineteen twenty. It is also known that the commercial designation originated from the actual type of license in which they were not able to start airing their advertisements until a couple of years later. If you want to look into it a little deeper you will find that the first broadcast was actually a result of the United States presidential election which took place in the year of nineteen twenty.
On the twentieth day of May of the year nineteen twenty, CFCF which was an AM station that was located in Montreal was able to program broadcasts and the Detroit station that was known as WWJ was able to begin program broadcasts as well on the twentieth day of August of the same year, however neither one of them had a license in their possession at that time.


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  1. I enjoyed your article about pirate radio and Guernsey.

    I was wondering about something. After reading this posting — — I began to wonder if the station (now defunct for the past decade) in my hometown, CFCF, had some historical role in radio. Apparently its call letters stand for Canada’s First, Canada’s Finest. But you include it as going on air some time before others. Why? I write about Montreal, and thus of course, CFCF is of great interest to me.

    Keep it up!


    Comment by J.D. | March 9, 2008 | Reply

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