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Radio station towers

In the following article, I would like to take the time to tell you about radio station towers along with some information about the Radio City which was known as a pirate radio station. As you know there are many reasons that there have been radio station towers created but the main reason that you see the radio station towers is because of the fact that the radio station towers are created so that they are able to receive a signal so that they are able to get out a message to a wide variety of people or so that they are able to communicate clearly with other people. There are actually many different uses that are associated with the radio station towers that are used today.
The reason that I would like to take the time to tell you about Radio City is because of the fact that is was actually a British pirate radio station that was actually able to broadcast from Shivering Sands Fort which is actually one of the abandoned sea forts that were located in the Thames Estuary. In the year of nineteen sixty four, during the time which followed the actual launch of the Radio Caroline, which was known as Screaming Lord Sutch who took the time to actually announce that his only intention was to start his own individual pirate radio station. On the twenty seventh day of May of the same year, Radio Sutch actually began broadcasting from Shivering Sands from the south tower which was known to be a low powered as well as a low budget operation in which Radio Sutch drew very tired of and then sold it to his manager that was known as Reg Calvert.
It was then that Reg was able to actually buy new equipment and dedicate his time to actually expand it into some other towers. It is known that one of the seven main towers was actually destroyed when a ship ran into it which left the northernmost tower completely isolated. It was known that the five that were left were actually connected together by catwalks which formed a star shape that was sort of irregular. It was also during this time that Calvert’s team took the time to repair the catwalks as well as refurbish the facilities that were located within the fort as well as the living quarters. They also took the time to build new studios as well.


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