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Pubic hair depilation

By reading this article, you are going to learn about pubic hair depilations. I am sure that you know what pubic hair is however for those of you that may not and that are reading this article, I will tell you that pubic hair is actually hair that is located in the frontal genital area as well as in the crotch and it is also known to also be located at the very top of the legs on the inside as well. The areas that I have just described are known to make the pubic region. Another thing that you may already know about pubic hair is that it begins to grow at the time that puberty strikes and in boys it is known to come earlier sometimes in the form of facial hair. The actual patterns of the pubic hair are known to vary a great deal. It is also known that the texture of the pubic hair can also differ from one person to another, there are some that are going to have thick and coarse pubic hair and there are some that are going to have sparse and fine pubic hair. You will also find that pubic hair along with axillary or armpit hair is known to also be much darker than the actual hair that is located upon the actual scalp.
The reason that this hair is known to be darker is because of the fact that there is a lack of what is considered to be sun bleaching that the hair doesn’t experience. When it comes to women you will find that the pubic patch is known to be located over the mons veneris which is also considered the mound of Venus and it is also known to be triangular as well. When it comes to men you will learn the pubic patch is actually know to taper in an upwards motion toward the navel. When it comes to the Japanese drawings you will see that the pubic hair is commonly omitted because of legal reasons. There are also some people that are known to remove the pubic hair that they have for aesthetic reasons and they are known to refer to themselves as smoothies. There are also some people that take the time to trim the pubic hair and they are many of the female porn stars that are known to trim and also shave the pubic hair that they have.


January 7, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Depilation

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