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Pubic depilation

By reading this article, you will be learning about pubic depilation. As you may already know there are not that many people that are currently a fan of pubic depilation or Brazilian wax, that is one of the reasons why I would like to take the time to tell you about what the critics are saying about pubic depilation. There are some that say that pubic depilation is physically painful before and after the waxing occurs. There are also other critics that have said that it is actually an unpleasant experience for the woman who is being given oral sex by a male that has a beard stubble because of the fact that the actual pubic hair is known to help protect the skin that is located around the actual vulva. Other critics have said that pubic depilation is known to actually give the woman a rather unnatural appearance when they are actually naked and that it actually goes against what was intended by nature for what is known as the evolutionary purpose of the pubic hair. There are also other critics that have said that the actual consequence of the actual appearance that is actually created by taking part of the actual waxing of the pubic area because of the fact that it resemble what is considered as a hairless look which is seen on girls who are sexually immature and there are some men that are known to find this look rather attractive and also exciting and this is a fact that has not went lost on the porn industry which is not able to hire girls who are underage or feature girls that are underage.
There are many women that are located throughout history that think of pubic depilation as a way of showing innocence and beauty and there are many women today that feel the same way. There are also women that think that pubic depilation gives them a sense of proper hygiene and that is something that really should be taken into consideration because of the fact that hair is known to carry germs and if you don’t have any hair to carry germs you don’t have to worry about transmitting them to someone else during the process of oral sex. There are also some women that feel that it is too much trouble however those women that feel as if it gives them a sense of beauty will differ in opinions.


January 7, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Depilation

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