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By reading this article, you are going to be learning about depilation. As you may already know, the term hair removal actually is used to describe methods that are used for removing hair and especially is used to describe hair removal from the human body. When it comes to the term depilation, it is a term that is used to describe the part of the hair that is located above the actual surface of the skin. One of the most common forms of depilation is known to be shaving and if you are curious to learn about another option that you have when it comes to depilation you will learn that the actually the use of the chemical depilatories are also known to be a hit. The chemical depilatories are known to actually work by the actual breaking of the disulfide bonds that are known to actually link that actual protein chains which actually are the force behind giving the hair the strength which makes the hair disintegrate. On the other hand epilation is known to actually refer to the actual removal of the whole hair and it is known to also include the part that is located below the skin as well. There are some people that have chosen to use waxing and sugaring along with depilation devices and lasers not to mention threading and intense pulsed light along with electrology. However, it is also known that hair can also be removed by actually plucking the hair with the tweezers.
There are many reasons that people chose to remove hair, in all actuality hair removal has actually been practiced through the periods of centuries and is always present in most of the human cultures. There are also many other methods that are known to be used as well however shaving is one of the most commonly used. There are also medical reasons for removing hair as well. It is in Ancient Egypt that there are many different people that have actually depilated the whole body so that they are able to prevent infestation that is caused by lice along with fleas and also other parasites as well. Based on the actual absence of insecticides this is a custom that actually seems to be a little less bizarre. There are also times when a patient who is going in for surgery will also have their hair depilated so that they are considered to have good hygiene.


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