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Brazilian depilation

By reading this article you will be learning about Brazilian depilation. When it comes to Brazilian waxing, you will see that it is actually a type of waxing that is known to involve the bikini area. You should know that this is actually a procedure that is known to involve what is considered to be the complete removal of the hair that is located on the buttocks along with the anus and the perineum as well as the vulva. There are many people that consider the Brazilian depilation to be a more extreme fashion of bikini waxing. There is a majority of the actual Brazilian waxing that is known to actually leave a line that is relatively small of the pubic hair that is known to be located above the vulva which is also known as the G-wax or the Brazilian. When you are getting a wax job that is going to completely remove the hair that is known to be a Hollywood or either a Sphynx; however the name that it is called all depends on the salon that you go to. There are some occasions when you will find other terms being used such as the Full Brazilian Wax, the Full Bikini Wax and the FBW not to mention the eBodyWax.
Those this is a practice that mostly only females take part in, there are still males that are known to take part in the Brazilian Depilation as well. The reason that it is named after Brazil is because of the fact that that is the actual country in which it is most associated with and it is also where the modern practice is known to have originated from. One thing that you may want to know when you are learning about Brazilian Depilation is that the actual waxing of the area of the genitals is known to have been popular over several centuries throughout many societies as well such as in Ancient Greece and Rome as well as Egypt and the Muslim countries and the Arab countries as well because they are arid and desert. It is also known that the Arab women, the Turkish women and also the Persian women are all known to be of the Albanian culture as well as the Mediterranean regions and they have been waxing their genital areas for centuries. These waxes are typically made of sugar and lemon however there are some that are also known to include oils as well as scents so that the discomfort can be lessened.


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  1. hello i´d like to know about the corse of epilation

    Comment by angel | April 1, 2009 | Reply

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