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Bikini depilation

In the article that you are about to read, you will learn about bikini depilation and the process of bikini depilation. During the actual process of bikini depilation, the client is first asked if they will disrobe. There are times that the females will wear a paper g-string so that the client is able to protect their modesty. The first step in the actual overall process is to spread baby powder or powder which is considered to be talcum or even oil liberally over the actual area that is going to actually be waxed. What this does is prevents the wax that is known to be hot from actually gluing to the skin. After this has been done, there is hot wax that is also spreaded over the skin as well in the area where the hair is actually going to be discarded. It is then that the wax actually is given time to harden and then one end of the actual wax strip is lifted up and then that end is used to quickly remove the remainder of the wax which is normally done in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Then the waxer takes him or her time going around the whole body making sure to complete the same process with each area that is going to actually be waxed. It is known that the actual procedure is known to remove the wax along with the hair and the skin cells which are dead that are lying on the actual surface of the skin. After the process has been complete, the person that is performing the wax job will then remove any hair that has been missed with tweezers.
In the end, the hair that is left is known to be trimmed which is done with devices known as scissors or it is waxed totally off if the individual client would like that to be done. The client also has the opportunity to put the remainder hair into a pattern or they can choose to dye it as well. Most of the time you will see that the wax that is normally used is an actual mixture of beeswax which is natural or tall oil which is known to be used instead of the synthetic waxes which are known to be more commonly use when it comes to leg waxing. There are many people that feel that beeswax is actually stronger and there are also some that feel that it is also more effective at actually removing the pubic hair that is thicker and coarser.


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