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iranian man executed for alleged sex crimes

This is a total outrage, so much for Justice.


December 7, 2007
iranian man executed for alleged sex crimes
By News Editor
A 21-year-old Iranian citizen, who was accused of committing “anal rape” with other young boys 8 years ago, was executed on Wednesday, according to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.
In a press release issued by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission on Dec 5, the US-based group that addresses human rights violations against LGBTs worldwide said it had learned this week that a 21-year-old Iranian man has been executed for allegedly committing “anal sex crimes” when he was 13.


Despite an order by the Iranian Chief Justice to nullify Makvan Mouloodzadeh’s death sentence, he was hung in Kermanshah Central Prison at 5 am on Wednesday morning, Iranian time.

Neither Mouloodzadeh’s family or his lawyer were told about the execution until after it occurred. IGLHRC is still investigating the facts in this case.

“This is a shameful and outrageous travesty of justice and international human rights law,” said Paula Ettelbrick, IGLHRC’s executive director. “How many more young Iranians have to die before the international community takes action?”

Mouloodzadeh was a 21-year-old Iranian citizen who was accused of committing anal rape (ighab) with other young boys when he was 13 years old. However, at Mouloodzadeh’s trial, all the witnesses retracted their pre-trial testimonies, claiming to have lied to the authorities under duress. He told the court that his confession was made under coercion and pleaded not guilty.

On June 7, 2007, the Seventh District Criminal Court of Kermanshah in Western Iran found him guilty and sentenced him to death. Despite his lawyer’s appeal, the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence on August 1, 2007. The case caused an international uproar, and prompted a letter writing campaign by IGLHRC and similar actions by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Outrage! and Everyone Group.

In response to mounting public pressure, and following a detailed petition submitted to the Iranian Chief Justice by Mouloodzadeh’s lawyer, the Iranian Chief Justice, Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi, nullified the impending death sentence of. Mouloodzadeh. In his November 10, 2007 opinion (1/86/8607), the Iranian Chief Justice described the death sentence to be in violation of Islamic teachings, the religious decrees of high-ranking Shiite clerics, and the law of the land.

In accordance with Iranian legal procedure, Mouloodzadeh’s case was sent to the Special Supervision Bureau of the Iranian Justice Department, a designated group of judges who are responsible for reviewing and ordering retrials of flawed cases flagged by the Iranian Chief Justice. However, in defiance of the Chief Justice, the judges decided to ratify the original court’s ruling and ordered the local authorities to carry out the execution.

Mouloodzadeh’s execution came days after a panel at the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on the death penalty.

You can read IGLHRC’s action alert on their website.

IGLHRC’s letter to the Iranian authorities is also posted on their website in both English and Persian. ae

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Winter park ski resort

The Winter Park Ski Resort is one the biggest ski resorts that you can find in Colorado. It is very much ideal for those ski enthusiasts with different levels of ski expertise. At Winter Park Ski Resort, your experience would be something very authentic and complete with powder snow, ski trails, bowls and ridges. The Winter Park Ski Resort can definitely entertain every skier from the novice level up to the daring experts.

The location of the Winter Park Ski Resort is only one and a half hour from the Denver City. Winter Park Ski Resort can offer online booking and full travel agency service to its guests.

Because of the huge size of Winter Park Ski Resort, it is believed that the resort has a total of 3,060 acreages that can be enjoyed by any skiing enthusiasts. The resort also have hundreds of designated trails and thousands of acres of off-piste terrains that include the glade skiing and Vasquez Cirque. Let us have some overviews of the best trails to ski that you can find at the Winter Park Ski Resort.

For beginning skier, you may enjoy the Jack Kendrick trail, which is regarded as a great beginner’s run. However, to be able to reach this trail to the top, you need to ride a Prospector Express. The Jack Kendrick Trail at the Winter Park Ski Resort is relatively short and has a slight curve around the mountain. Another best trail that you can find at the Winter Park Ski Resort is the Whistle Stop Trail, which can be reached by riding the Super Gauge Express. This trail is also regarded as a beginner’s trail that is fairly straight, quick run and with smooth trip. If you are the type of beginning skier that is very good on long trails, you can head over to the High Lonesome Express and reach the trail of the Village Way Drop, which is just past the Switchyard. The Village Way Drop trail at Winter Park Ski Resort offers a long and winding trip to the mountain bases.

For intermediate skiers, there are also great trails at the Winter Park Ski Resort that you can enjoy. First is the Stagecoach Trail that can be tram to the top by riding a Pioneer Express. Second is the Big Valley Trail that can also be reached through the Pioneer Express. Third is the Mary Jane Trail that can be reached through Olympia Express however this trail is slightly steep intermediate type of trail and exhilarating as well, which will get the wind into your hair.

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Heavenly ski resort

The Heavenly Ski Resort is situated along the border of California-Nevada portion in South Lake Tahoe. The ski resort has thirty lifts and ninety five runs that are spread between Nevada, California and the four-based facilities. It is only eight hours from Los Angeles and 1.25 hours from Reno City. The company of Vail Resorts Incorporated had purchased the Heavenly Ski Resort way back 2002.

Heavenly Ski Resort has an approximately 33% developed areas for skiing that makes them the largest ski resort in California in terms of area. The ski resort also has 4,800 acres permit and also regarded as the highest ski resort in Tahoe with 10,067 feet of peak elevation; 10,040 feet of peak lift-service elevation; and 3,500 feet of vertical rise. The Heavenly Ski Resort has an average of 360 inches of snow yearly and considered as one of the largest snowmaking systems in America whereas seasons usually runs starting from mid November up to late April the following year.

Heavenly Ski Resort is continuing to improve the ski resort area as part of their approved master plan amendment. The ski resort is planning on enhancing the replacements of two-seat lift with high speed quads. In the following years, Heavenly Ski Resort would have a number of improvements that includes a certified building that will allow thousand of people to seat. This building would then be called as the Powderbowl Lodge, which is a bridge for skier from the Gondola Top to the Tamarack Express. Heavenly Ski Resort is also planning to have a complete fleet of low-emission buses as well as a completed environmental drainage system for cleaning run-offs and other multiple projects.

Heavenly Ski Resort can be a great place for world-class skiing scenes as well as exceptional skiing. So what are you waiting for? Start your online booking for the best deals and vacation packages that Heavenly Ski Resort can offer. You can easily select from the directory of hotels at the website of Heavenly Ski Resort. From this list, you can be able to search for the hotel that is nearest to the resort.

Ski trips at the Heavenly Ski Resort are one experience that you can never imagine as you got the chance of sitting under the Nevada Sun, view the high above shimmering waters of the alpine lake and white-capped mountain peaks. The long winter season of Heavenly Ski Resort is one of the many reasons why you would consider staying at this resort that is usually celebrated between the months of November and May. Another reason is the proximity of the Heavenly Ski Resort to the gaming town of Lake Tahoe.

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Savoi ski resort

So here we are, debating on which ski resort to go to this year. What will it be? New Zealand? United States? Australia? Hey…How about trying something new this year and go to the Savoi ski resort. Savoi is one of those ski resorts that you will have fun at no matter what you do. When it comes to going to a Savoi resort you will want to take your family and friends with you to enjoy all the fun.

How Do You Prepare For The Savoi Ski Resort?
When it comes to going to a Savoi ski resort you need to pack a lot of warm clothes. Of course, you probably already know that when there is skiing and snowboarding there will be snow and snow equals cold. You can find some skiing outfits in most of the stores that sale clothes. Don’t forget about your feet, you will need to take some snow boots along with you so your feet do not freeze.

Another thing you should consider is skiing and snowboarding equipment. This is not as important because most of the ski resorts that are in Savoi offer skiing and snowboarding equipment to their guests but you may have to pay a small rental price.

Does Savoi Have Big Ski Resorts?
Are you into the big snow resorts because you find them to be more entertaining than the small ski resorts in Savoi? If you are looking for the biggest ski resort in the world you will find it in Savoi. The biggest ski resort in Sovoi has 600 km of pistes and 200 hundred ski lifts.

What Can A Ski Resort In Savoi Offer You?
When it comes to a Savoi ski resort there are a lot of different things it can offer you. You will have skiing to do in all different forms, the pistes are actually right at your doorstep and the good thing is that the individuals that are just beginning have areas that are reserved just for them, therefore if you are an intermediate skier you do not have to worry about running over a beginner.

At the Ski resort in Savoi snowboarders will feel right at home in the snow park that is offered to them. If you have children and would like to take them skiing at a ski resort then you may want to consider a Savoi ski resort because they will be spoilt in the “villages” that is built just for them. Children from three months and up can play here.

An Ending Note.
As you see the Savoi ski resort is not just for adults but it is for children as well. A Savoi ski resort is well worth going to when you have the time and money.

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Dubai ski resort

One interesting fact about Dubai Ski Resort is that it is the largest indoor ski resort in the whole world. This fact is proven but is Alpine chalets, six thousand tons of artificial snow, and 400 meter ski runs. The indoor ski area of Dubai Ski Resort has as size of 22,500 square meters. The Dubai Ski Resort is even part of the Mall of the Emirates, which is regarded as one of the largest mall worldwide. It can even accommodate up to 1500 guests.

The Dubai Ski Resort is believed to be one of the modest series of extraordinary ambitious commercial projects that is undertaken and managed by the Gulf state of Dubai. It has 5 runs but depending on difficulties, gradients and heights. The longest run of Dubai Ski Resort is 400 meters with a fall of more than 60 meters. You may try your first indoor black run on Dubai Ski Resort and can even practice your turns on the gentle slope areas intended for beginning skiers.

The various slopes found at the Dubai Ski Resort can be enjoyed by snowboarders and skiers of all expertise levels as they can be able to practice their stunts at the Freestyle Zone. Parents and kids can also enjoy their time at Dubai Ski Resort even without skiing activities as there is the huge interactive Snow Park of 3,000 square meters. This interactive Snow Park at Dubai Ski Resort is the largest indoor snow park worldwide.

Dubai Ski Resort offers to their guests the use of the resorts’ winter clothing, and snowboard and ski equipments. This is one convenience that Dubai Ski Resort provides to their guests so guests will not worry anymore about ski clothing and equipment. Guests can also enjoy themed restaurants that can be found at the Dubai Ski Resort such as the St. Moritz Caf‚ at the entrance are of the ski resort and the Avalanche Caf‚ that can be found at the middles station of the ski resort with the views of the slopes as well. There is also an available retail shop at the Dubai Ski Resort named the Snow Pro where you can find expert staffs that will help you and advise you on your equipment need. The retail shop even consists of a team of professional Snow School instructors who will help and guide you through the simple and fun process of learning to snowboard or ski.

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Park city ski resort

The Park City Ski Resort is situated along the Park City in Utah. It consists of 106 trails that are served by 14 lifts. It even comprises of 3,300 acres of snowboard terrains and varied skis that are consistently ranked among the top ten ski resorts found in North America. Some of the features of Park City Ski Resort also include family programs, terrain parks, and accessibilities.

In a recent reader’s poll, the Park City Ski Resort was named as the top sixth ski resort for the third season in a row. The location of Park City Ski Resort at the Park City in Utah is only 36 miles from the Salt Lake International Airport. From the airport to be able to reach the Park City Ski Resort, you can avail of the shuttle transportation service provided by the airport or you may even take the bus service that Park City is providing.

Just like any other ski resorts, reservations, lift tickets and season passes for Park City Ski Resort are always available online. There are also available vacation packages that already include lift tickets when availed. You can also book ski programs and lessons from online as well as information for vacation planning. From the online information about vacation planning that Park City Ski Resort offers via online, there are also pricing quote included. With these, you can be able to find the appropriate accommodations and vacation information on lodging.

Most of the people think that Park City Ski Resort is only best for expert skiers especially when it comes to narrow chutes, big mountain skiing and double black diamonds. This thinking is incorrect. Even though you are very novice in skiing, you can still enjoy skiing activities at Park City Ski Resort as the resort offer great terrains for beginning skiers.

The Park City Ski Resort is regarded by skiers irregardless of beginners or experts as the top ski resort in Utah. One reason for this is the terrains that Park City Ski Resort offers as well as amenities. There are also non-ski destinations found at Park City Ski Resort where family can enjoy as well as having one truly and unforgettable ski vacation.

Park City Ski Resort is not only dedicated in making their vacationers contented and happy, it also wants to become one leader in Utah when it comes to environmentally sustainable. The Park City Ski Resort wants to promote the concept of healthier vacation for all travelers worldwide plus the enjoyment and satisfaction that anyone can have.

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