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Larry’s view on any and everything. complete rubbish and waste of time.

Yet another so called list builder from Gary Ambrose that promises to deliver but fails totally. Forget all the very clever sales pitch that this site can build your list and increase your sales. Only thing if you get the flawless diamond upgrade $197  at the start is the  extra mailing every 3 days to the already saturated mailing list by the big players. If you show any potential complaints or dissent in the forum you are stamped down by the moderators who are obviously a part of the Ambrose gang. And when some of these individuals are singing the praises about how they have signed up over 1000 members into list Bandit within days good for them when they have large list in the firstplace from other sites etc and a few well placed freebies to entice them to join. Not so good for the small operator just starting in the business.

And again a real issue that sends me into a real rage is the total lack of customer support when a help desk ticket is submitted. You wait days for a reply and nothing, which is not the way to run a business. If you take peoples money at least have the decency to help them with any problems they may have.

Through this absolute dire state of affairs I have cancelled my acount and wasted $197 but for peace of mind I will never sign up for another Ambrose related site.

Be warned.


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New year invitations

So what is it that you are going to be doing to bring in the New Year? Are you going to be throwing a party? Do you want your New Years party to be a big party with a lot of people there that you know? If you answered yes to this then you will be needing some New Year invitations.

New Year invitations can be purchased in any shape or size. The cool thing about New Year invitations is the fact that you can customize the invitations into whatever you like. This means you can have your own picture put on it along with your own words. New Year invitation cards vary from price to price. The price really depends on what type of store you purchase it from.

If you are looking for a store that sells New Year invitations you may want to start by looking online. Once you do a search online for New Year invitations you will see a lot of different types of stores. New Year invitations are generally sold worldwide so you can look forward to finding New Year invitations from other countries other than your own. When you look at the price of New Year invitations you may see a price of $2.00 or you may see a price of $10.00.

You can either buy your New Year invitations individually or by bulk. If you buy your New Year invitations by bulk you may actually be saving some money in the long run. This is because New Year invitations tend to cost less individually when you buy the by bulk. Besides, why would you want to buy your New Year invitations individually? Is it because you can pick out a number of different New Year invitations?

What you may not know is that you can buy your New Year invitations by bulk and still be able to select the designs and types of New Year invitations you would like. You will find that your New Year invitations will come in handy. If you are worrying about purchasing your New Year invitations online you should not worry because you can find New Year invitations practically anywhere.

If you are looking for New Year invitations in your area you may want to look in the local department store. If you do not want to get New Year invitations from a local department store you may want to look in your area for a party store. Wherever you buy your New Year invitations you can look forward to having a nice New Years party with the people you like.

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Christmas and new year party

It is a known fact all over the world that Christmas and New Year is a time to celebrate with family and friends. At the same time you will also be thinking about planning on how to celebrate it. Even though you will be planning for the party well in advance, it is not an easy task at all. You will have to plan a lot of things to set right a party and detailed planning on each and every item, be it food or decorative items or alcohol etc, is absolutely essential to have a successful party.

Apart from spending a lot of money for arranging the Christmas and New Year party, you will have to put in a lot of your tome into it to make it a successful one. There has to be specific decoration items for both Christmas and New Year and the delicacies that you will include in the dinner menu or buffet will also be different. Making the dinner menu to be a little less expansive will help you to concentrate in arranging the other items needed for partying like decorative pieces, alcohol, gifts for guests, special gifts for children etc,.

As the whole purpose of celebrating Christmas and New Year is to party all night, the gifts that you will need to buy for your guests has to be party favor gifts. Since there are men and women involved for the part, separate gifts that will please both have to be purchased. You will also need to stock sufficient liquor of all varieties that your friends and their families like. It is most essential for all Christmas and New Year parties to have party games that will engage the guests, friends and families and involve them in the games so that they get entertained. So, proper planning of the party games is very important.

Champagne is an integral part of Christmas and New Year parties. So, sufficient bottles of it have to be stacked up so that you will be able to satisfy all the friend and guests attending the party. Another important thing to be remembered is to decorate the partying area according to the theme of the festive season. For a Christmas and New Year party, it is most essential that you have a huge Christmas tree with gifts on them. All these tips will ensure you to have a joyful and enjoyable holiday party.

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New year hotels

What do you need most on a new years getaway trip? It is indeed a hotel room. It would not be a very nice sight if you were to be stranded during the New Year with a get away plan but cannot book a hotel room for your stay there. A hotel room is needed even if you do not intend to stay there because that is often the safest place for your belongings in the place where you intend to go. Also, it serves as a very nice resting place after you are famished with all the activity you have done during the trip on the new years. A hotel room will also serve the purpose if you just want to spend some quality time with your loved one without being disturbed by the outside world.

New Year hotel rooms often have to be booked quite in advance to avoid disappointment. If booked at the year end, there are very slim chances of you getting a room . so if you do not want you plans of the new year to go bust, you will be better off booking a hotel room in advance. Booking in advance also has many advantages in that it is a lot more cheaper to book a room during the so called off season. The same rooms if booked during the on season are bound to cost you a lot more, even double of what you might otherwise pay. Also, you have a choice of a lot many rooms if booked sufficiently in advance rather than booking it on the day you want it.

New year hotels offer rooms at different costs. Titled economy to luxury, these rooms often are differently priced. You can have a choice of you amenities and accordingly choose a room in the hotels you want to stay in. the economy rooms, as the name suggests are rooms offering nominal facilities, that is, they offer the basic facilities of stay and food. All other costs are to be borne by the person himself. The other comfort rooms offer facilities better than the economy rooms but not as many facilities as the luxury rooms. The luxury rooms are often the best of the rooms available. If you have had a fairytale wedding in the new years and intend to send your honeymoon in some tourist destination, these luxury rooms are the ones you should opt in for.

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Chinese new year recipes

The New Year is considered the most important traditional holiday. It is a time of big celebrations and wild partying. The holiday seasons are in full gear and everyone is in a merry mood. During these times gifts are exchanged and sometimes dishes are exchanged. The Chinese have dishes that are popular during this period of celebration. Most of these dishes are symbolic and have a traditional importance and why they are normally used during the New Year celebration. Here are a number of them. You can visit a Chinese restaurant to savor them or even have them prepared yourself and celebrate the New Year the Chinese way.
Kung Pao Chicken
This dish is named after a historic court official or “Kung Pao,” Kung Pao Chicken is a popular New Year dish and is quite spicy. It is a spicy Szechuan dish containing diced chicken, chili peppers and peanuts. The chicken is stir-fried which reduces the calories and makes it healthier.
Peking Duck
This a recipe from a popular Beijing dish, containing juicy slices of duck fried with a crispy skin and served with Mandarin pancakes and special kind of sauce called hoisin sauce. This dish is quite famous
General Tso’s Chicken
A famous chicken dish named after an equally famous Chinese military leader of the 19th century. The dish was actually invented in the United States but General Tso’s Chicken is based on an authentic Hunan dish which when translated literally roughly means “ancestor meeting place chicken.”
Sweet and sour pork
As the name suggest this involves Pork. The Pork is deep-fried two times in batter so it is extra crispy; it is then stir-fried using pork and pineapple in a sauce that is sweet and sour.
Cantonese Roast Duck
The dish is quite popular among the Chinese and Cantonese people. A sample is the duck you see at windows of Cantonese restaurants having shiny reddish skin.
White cut chicken
The white chicken symbolizes purity in China and so this is a popular dish for the New Year. To make the chicken white they are poached in rice wine till they turn white and are then garnished using scallions to create a simple dish for the festive occasion.
Clams in Black bean Sauce
In this festive dish clams get stir-fried inside a sweet mixture combining black-beans and ginger. The Chinese culture also sees clams as symbolizing prosperity due to its resemblance to Chinese coins.
Salt and pepper Shrimp.
This is quite a colorful dish that is used as an eye-catching appetizer and even as the main course. When the shrimp shells are deep-fried the shells become orange in color, it is spiced for extra flavor. The shrimp shells protect the main shrimp meat while it is being deep-fried, making it taste extra juicy and tender. You have the options to eat the shell or not.
Lobster Cantonese
Lobster tails cooked in a sweet spicy sauce that is flavored with Chinese black-beans.

Cantonese Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
Funny enough this dish does not contain any lobsters at all. The name of the dish is got from its having the same kind of sauce that is used in Lobster Cantonese
Sesame Chicken
Not a traditionally authentic Chinese dish, but it is still very popular among the Chinese during festive occasions. The chicken is deep-fried Using batter, then using a tangy sweet and sour type of sauce and then garnished with sesame seeds that have been toasted.

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New year songs

As that special time of the Year approaches, you can already hear a lot of Christmas songs before this and then you will get to hear a lot of songs that are still reminiscent of the previous Yuletide season before that. The songs that you can hear when New Year approaches are usually those that speaks of cheer and goodwill to all mankind. This is the tie to be cheery and happy since this is also the day that the Lord Jesus Christ was born.

Even if you are not a Christian, you certainly must have had heard of the celebration when this time of the year comes. It is customary already for most governments to declare a nationwide holiday for their citizens. All government employees are given leave as well as those of the employees of private firms. The songs you hear on the street when New Year comes around is a good reflection of the good cheer that is all around you. All songs that have been passed down through the centuries can be heard through the radio and the television being given a new interpretation. Of course, there are also new songs every year that wasn’t present the year before so as not to make the public bored with the same rendition over and over again.

Fortunately though, the themes around New Year’s time are also universal in the sense that you can’t manage to get all the possible combinations for a song to make using the same theme. This makes it special considering that the topics are being expressed again and again each year. The way that the composer and the singer sing their rendition of their own songs makes each song special every time they sing their songs. The feelings that are imbibed by the singer to their songs are what make it pleasing to the ears of the public even though they might have heard of the same them last year. It is the interpretation of the songs that makes them all unique and worthy to be heard by the general public for appreciation. You can have your pick of style when New Year comes because the songs are all as varied as the emotions that they convey. All of them though are part of the affirmation of what it is like to be human. So go ahead and enjoy yourself and get to listen to some good New Year Songs!

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