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Recipe for hot wine and brandy

Winter holidays or the Christmas season are always the best times to share that mug of hot mulled wine or brandy. In Germany, mulled wines or brandies are known as “Glhwein”, while they are “Vin Chaud” in France. This kind of wine or brandies are often seen to be enjoyed by people shopping at Christmas outdoor markets in Continental Europe.
It is just quite easy to mull wines and brandies. In fact, you can pull off mulling a cheap red wine by using the strong flavors of orange peel and some spices. However, you also have to know which wines and brandies that are best to mull. You have to know that table wines that only have 11 percent to 12 percent alcoholic content are best used for mulling because they don’t possess strong flavors. Country wines that are homemade such as the blackberry and elderberry wines are also delicious when mulled. Remember that stronger wines that are stronger flavored may not bode well to mulling as their flavors could very well overwhelm the citrus peel and spices that you will use for mulling.

Of course, aside from the wines and brandies, you also have to know which flavorings are best to use when it comes to mulling wines and brandies. The most primary of ingredients for mulling are sugar, citrus fruit peels and spices. It is very imperative to remember to make use only of the thinly peeled zest of citrus fruits. This is because the white pith of the peel will bring a bitter flavor to your mulled wine. Aside from oranges, which are most commonly used for mulling wines, you can also use other citrus fruits like limes and lemons. When it comes to the spices, you can do some experimentation with a number of combinations of those that have sweet flavors like nutmeg and juniper. Bay leaves or raisins can also be used for mulling wine while honey or brown sugar are also known to add richer flavor to mulled wines and brandies.

In making mulled wines, you can mix the perry or cider with the wine in a saucepan that is non-corrosive, along with the sugar, citrus peel and spices. You can bring this mixture to a boil slowly before taking it off from the heat. You must leave this mixture to infuse for at least ten minutes before adding the rum, calvados or brandy. You can then strain this mixture before you serve it hot to your family or friends. Mulled wine is perfect served in mugs while you and your family or friends are warming yourselves by the fire.


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