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Who started green peace

Green Peace, one of the most recognized and respected environmental organization in the world presently has an international membership of over 5 million and growing. They are considered as being a relatively modern activist group, one that is committed to the principles of non-violence and internationalism. They work by exposing threats to the environment, using non-violent confrontation to raise the level of public debate, and seeking solutions for society’s environmental choices.

When it comes to who started Green Peace, the answer is that in 1970s, three men – Paul Cote, Jim Bohlen, and Irving Stone – formed the “Don’t Make a Wave Committee” which was the original title for the organization, and other members soon began joining, after which a new member, Bill Darnell, proposed the idea that they change the name of the organization to Green Peace. As the years went by the organization continued to get more and more involved in environmental and related issues and following their made success with more protests against nuclear testing, genetic engineering, and other important modern-day issues.

The founders of the organization believed that a few individuals could make a difference, and it was this strength and determination that helped them get to where they are today. Now Green Peace is a global organization that gives priority to global and environmental issues, and they are the largest most successful organization of their kind, by far.

They are the one entity that maintains contacts with their supporters, as well as donors in countries where they do not even have offices. They provide a range of different services to the national and regional offices and provide cost-efficient global IT services and Internet tools to the public. Their aim is to raise awareness and bring attention to important environmental and related issues, and they boast a number of different victories, including for one the Great Bear Rainforest.

After nearly ten years of incredibly hard work the Green Peace organization has helped to save this rainforest, and the final agreement, which was announced by the British Columbian government, was negotiated between environmental groups and allows for the full protection of one third of the Great Bear Rainforest. This is an incredible accomplishment and a definite step forward, not only in terms of this particular rainforest, but in how the Green Peace organization can use this victory as a sort of model of forest sustainability, to show what can be done with hard work and assistance.


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