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Unpopular names for a baby

When a baby is born finding a suitable name for the baby is a priority for the parents. They have to look a lot in the books and research through different sources before making a final decision for the name of their baby. Names vary from individuals to individuals and they also vary according top the religion. Every one has a different religion and that is why you hear different names among your friends. If you look around yourself, you will find people from various religions. Especially in AMERICA where people from different origins come to live their lives and settle down permanently, names are often different from one another and they are different according to the language as well. You might have a Spanish friend named Rodriguez. This is the most common name among the male Spanish people or might form as a surname for them. Likewise a Muslim friend might be named Mohammed. This is a very sacred name for the Muslims as this is the name of their prophet. There are certain names which might have a good meaning in your language but they might have a negative or adverse meaning in another language.

Some names have a negative meaning and this is why they are regarded a bad name and are not very popular among the common people. Although some of these names are very common among the people but due to the use of the word in some other sense it is regarded as an unpopular or a bad name. Few examples of such names are:
* Dick (this is a word which is used as slang for describing a private male body part. Therefore having this name may be a problem for your child. And he might be subjected to discrimination at school).
* Fanny (this name which is often used for girls have a very adverse meaning. Especially in United Kingdom where it is used to describe a private female body term. This can be very distressing for your child especially if she’s in United Kingdom).

Therefore you have to be very careful before giving your baby a name. Try to do complete search from the books and on the internet before giving your baby a name. It is due to this reason because of which these names are not popular among the people. You can search on the internet for such names and this will help you to foresee any such problems for your name.

November 29, 2007 - Posted by | Baby Names, Blogroll

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