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New baby name

Whenever a baby is born the first and the foremost concern of the parents is to give him or her a name. This is the most important matter that is to be dealt with whenever a baby is born. Names are not only a word used to remember a person, in fact they have a much wider meaning and they are used because of other reasons too. Names are said to influence the personality of an individual as well. It is thought that names have a direct impact on the way a person acts and reacts to certain situations. His behavior is said to be influenced by the kind of names that the person gets. When the baby is born every one who is linked to this new comer has already thought of a name for him/her. It is not only the parents who can name their children, but it can be anyone. Anyone can name the baby. But if the parents think that only they should name the baby then there should not be any more confusion and no one else can claim that since he loves the baby more and as he had thought of the name before the parents so he will name the baby.

Finding a new name for baby is often looked upon as a complex process which involves the reading on the names in history. You have to look through a database of hundreds and thousands of names. Choosing the best name or the name you like the most is never an easy task. You will always be double minded in this situation. You might end up with 5-8 short listed baby names and you can not choose the one that you will give to your baby. Names have meanings and these meanings are to be kept in mind and are to be understood in the light of religion as well. People do not name the baby just like that. They do a complete research by looking through the religious book and finding or tracking the history of a particular name. When they arrive at their final decision they give the particular name to their baby and then register the name in the baby’s birth certificate. This is then kept as a record and for his whole remaining life; the baby will be called by that particular name. Thus giving a new baby name is somewhat a hard process and it needs your attention as well.

November 29, 2007 - Posted by | Baby Names, Blogroll

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  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    Comment by kl4e | November 29, 2007 | Reply

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