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Baby name origin

Having a baby is a big decision but also naming the baby is a big decision as well. The name that you choose for your baby will be the name he or she will have for the rest of his or her life, unless of course they go change it themselves when they are older, so lets stop your child from having to change his or her name and give them a good name. When we say good name we not only are talking about the name but we are talking about the origin as well, this is where the name springs into being.

It doesn’t matter if the name is biblical, modern or even historical; they all have a meaning to them. Do you think that names are just random words picked to be a “name?”
If this is the case you may want to reconsider this thought. Names actually reflect the nature or essence of the baby that is given the name. The name the baby is given is what will be distinguishing the baby from all the other family members.

Did you know that in most cultures throughout the world the baby is actually named a few days after birth when there is a big celebration going on? So you should know it is okay to name your baby a few days after you have given birth to him or her, there is no big rush as your baby will eventually end up with the right name.

You may want to familiarize yourself with the origins of names and learn your baby’s personality before you give him the name. If you have a brave baby girl then you may want to name her Kacey, if you have a graceful baby then you may want to name her Hannah or him Shawn. If you are looking into religious names like the Bible, you will see that Catherine means pure, Caleb means bold, Evangeline means tidings and Diana means the moon Goddess.

Names can be forever reminders of places, people, events, and ancient cultures. If you are not aware of it, many of the names that are in use today have origins in the Old Testament, Koran, the Vedas, and so forth. Who would have guessed the English name Aaron that means high mountain or exalter actually originated from Aharon, which is Hebrew?

So now you have found the time to sit down and choose your babies name. You may want to keep in your mind that the baby name you choose is what he or she will be going by for the rest or their life, he or she may not just be known by the name in this lifetime, but he or she may be known for it centuries later.

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