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Celebrities on reality tv shows

Have you ever wondered what a celebrities life is like? The truth is that celebrities are just like you and I, they hurt, they feel emotions and they eat. You will learn exactly how celebrities are if you watch celebrities on reality TV shows. Chances are you would just love to be a fly on the wall just to see how a lot of the celebrities are, well have you ever heard of celebrities on reality TV shows?

Celebrities On Reality TV Shows.
Reality TV shows have been around for a while now; It wasn’t until recently that they started putting celebrities on reality TV shows. It all started with the Osbournes back in 2002. Back then celebrity reality TV shows were so fresh and new. Who wouldn’t love to watch Ozzy and Sharon in action? Cursing at the neighbors and throwing food at each other, nice clean fun, wasn’t it? If you are like most you can’t wait to see the next celebrity reality TV show to come out. Some celebrity reality TV shows that have already came out are: “Nick and Jessica,” “The Osborne’s,” and “The Anna Nicole Show,” these shows involve watching the celebrities everyday life style. Then there are those celebrity shows that give the celebrity a specific location such as “Simple Life.” Simple Life has a number of different shows, all with the same two people, but different settings.

What Other Type Of Celebrity Reality Shows Are There?
Okay, so far you have heard about two types of celebrity reality TV shows. Have you ever heard about the reality TV show that focuses on a celebrity in rehab? You can think of this as a cross between Surreal Show and The Intervention. This show is fairly new and it may not be the top name celebrities that we all know. It’s still fun to watch celebrity rehab TV shows because they show us what it is like in rehab.

Celebrity TV Reality TV Shows Are Everywhere.
These days it is merely impossible to flip through the television channels without seeing a celebrity on a reality TV show. It seems to be something that just cannot get off of our television set. Celebrity TV shows just keep multiplying one after another, for some it is getting old but for others they just can’t wait for the reality bug to hit the next celebrity, who do you think the next celebrity for a reality TV show is going to be?

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Reality tv shows

When you are sitting up late at night looking for something to watch on the television you can count on finding some sort of reality TV show. Some people hate reality TV shows then there are those that just couldn’t live without it. If you are like many that like reality TV shows chances are you have been keeping up with and recording every reality TV show there is. Face it, America seems to have an obsession with peeking into other people’s lives, this is what makes up reality TV shows.

Television has messed around with the reality show format for many years now. If you look at it you see that truly the first successful reality show was probably “Cops.” The show first premiered in 1989, it’s pretty hard to believe that a show that aired way back then is still on the Television today. Then in 1992 MTV aired the very first season of “The Real World.” This reality TV show focuses on a group of strangers that are from 18-25 years of age, and shows how people interact with one another when they are forced to live together.

Reality Shows About Romance.
Examples-‘Temptation Island,’ ‘Flavor of Love,’ ‘Blind Date’. Temptation Island is one of the reality TV shows that show the viewers everything that is wrong in many relationships. Reality TV shows that deal with romance and dating can be hard for most people to watch because romance just isn’t their thing. For those of you that don’t like watching romance reality TV shows, don’t worry, there are tons of other reality TV shows out there to watch.

Competitive Reality TV Reality Shows
Examples- ‘Survivor,’ ‘Road Rules,’ ‘Top Chef,’ ‘Big Brother’. Competitive reality TV shows show you just how far someone would go to win the game or race. If you are into watching people argue and scream at each other then you can count on it while watching competitive reality TV shows. It just seems like those individuals that are competing for the grand prize are more focused on that prize and forget they are being filmed.

With ‘Top Chef’ you will have the enjoyment of seeing individuals working towards something they have their heart set on, they are working for something other than cash, they are competing for something that is much more valuable than cash and that is being the next top chef. Sure, you still have the usual drama and all that type of stuff but don’t you like seeing someone compete for something that will better themselves?

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Weight loss reality shows

Want to loose weight on a weight loss reality show? Maybe people would like to loose weight by letting the whole world know how hard they’re trying to loose their weight. Many in this world today like watching other people’s lives to see that merely there own lives are not half bad. People’s lives are based on weight loss so there are many viewers that will be watching to see what they should do to fix the problem.

There are so many weight loss reality shows premiering like “The Biggest Loser on NBC’s” and another one called “Super nanny”. It is not only the viewers that are interested in these weight loss reality shows but it is the critics as well. As you may already know there are many pros and cons to these weight loss reality shows. An interesting fact about the weight loss reality shows is that they are based around the world. The UK has its own weight loss reality show and BBC has their own weight loss reality show called ‘Honey, Were Killing The Kids.’

There are a lot of pro’s to weight loss reality shows. One of these pros is the fact that there are many viewers that find more ideas to loosing weight and may even become motivated to lose the weight they want to loose. You should know that if a celebrity can loose weight then a viewer could as well. Another pro is the prize that the people get at the end of the contest if you win; this is used as a motivator. A fun thing to watch is the constant head to head competition, which makes the adrenaline constantly going to make the greatest way to weight loss.

There is also many cons’ that regard health issues with the over weight contestants. Many behind scenes of puking and over heating can happen if the there is no doctor check up. So they have to have a doctor check on them constantly 24 hours a day through the whole time of being on the reality show. Also weight loss shows can cause a lot of weight loss problems in the future, which will never be seen on TV to view by the viewers, which makes it less then true to being a reality TV show, to many variables that makes it more like a show then a reality show.

Now that you are up to date with reality weight loss TV shows it is your choice to watch them or to not watch them, if you think you should be motivated to loose weight then you may want to watch this type of reality TV show.

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Love on reality shows

Love on reality shows seems to be a large deal. Most individuals like to know that there is someone out there for them and having a reality show find couples who are destined for each other seems to be really important. When the first Bachelor show appeared on television trying to find a compatible couple you heard about the wedding that resulted in the couples on screen debut. However in recent years you haven’t really seen the same thing. Largely at the end of the year the couples go back to anonymity, with no huge results. It seems that if you are looking for love on reality shows you are going to be in for disappointment.

Love on reality shows seems to be another faked reality TV show. The words are manipulated and the scenes can be cut or altered to find what the viewing audience really wants to see. You will find that love on reality shows resembles more of the soap opera drama television has said they are trying to get away from. While the individuals are working on trying to find love for the viewing audiences you are not always seeing their real feelings. They hide what they don’t want cameras to see even as the participants.

The dating shows we see on many of the channels where the guys have to sit and watch a love movie or take a girl out on a date they would normally not really isn’t reality television. The love on reality shows seems like a large fake to most of the individuals, and yet we become addicted. Most of us watching the shows wants to see if the couple they are pulling for is really going to win and what may happen.

We also find that the topic of love is discussed on reality shows. Take HBO’s series, where they have created a show to look at different relationships and why they are having trouble. When you compare that to the lives you see around you, you may find that reality is a far cry from the reality shows they have on the television.

Overall when looking at love on reality shows many individuals find that it is a way to pass the time with a little fun. They find the fights, or the romantic dinners to be entertaining, but they still don’t alter their perceptions of real life and the love one can find.

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Reality shows auditions

There are many places that you can find reality shows auditions. In fact the easiest place for you to find out where auditions are going to be held, what they are looking for and how to apply is directly on the networks website. The application process is going to be the most important aspect to concentrate on when it comes to realty shows auditions. The producers literally receive thousands of applications to be apart of auditions. In some cases like American Idol you can actually find auditions that are in certain cities.

First of all for reality shows auditions you have to go searching for the information regarding the next auditions. These are usually well publicized and will start at the end or near the end of the current season. Most reality shows auditions are going to be held in the summer months during the off season. This is when the producers have the time to look at the applications they have received and schedule the auditions. You will find some of the shows just tour the United States popular cities on certain dates hoping for anyone who has the time to show up.

To find the reality shows auditions and what really happens during these auditions the main network website is going to be your best link. Yon can also do a google search for your favorite show. Often times you will find the applications you need to submit write on the website of your favorite show. You should be careful that you are on the official website when you are doing a search and filling out applications for the auditions. Most often you will have to show some type of talent for the reality television show you are applying for. When you are looking at Dancing with the Stars they have specific instructions regarding the application process. They look for amateur performers who have not received any type of pay for being on national television in the past. While they also find actors or singers to be on the shows for the competition. They also look for amateur talent according to the website. Once you have submitted the applications you are either allowed the reality shows auditions or declined.

It will really depend on the show you are hoping to be apart of to find out if you will become apart of the reality shows auditions. Some reality shows look for volunteers rather than holding auditions.

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Latest voip providers skype

As you may already know there are many providers out there that are just waiting to help you with your decision on the latest VoIP providers Skype. However, when you are choosing a provider it is very important that you take your time throughout the entire process so that you are able to obtain accurate as well as up to date information, not to mention the fact that you need to make sure that you are getting the best deal as well. There are some people out there that really don’t care about the money that they spend and for that reason there are many people out there that are not getting the best deal that they are able to get if they would take the time to put the money that they have aside and take the time to really look for the best deals.
It is the people that are struggling to make ends meet that are taking the time to find the best deals and they are the ones in the long run that are able to come out on top because they are saving money. If you are interested in getting your hands on some information about the latest providers that are out there on the market there are plenty of different sites that are located on the internet that you can give a run for their money. If you have no luck there you can also talk to your family and friends and see if they have any ideas that you may want to follow through with.
There are a couple of things that I will tell you that you need to keep in mind. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are the customer having said that it is important that when you are looking up information about the latest providers or you are talking with someone about the latest providers that you take the time to listen and do not think that you know everything there is to know because in all actuality you want to make sure that the person that you are talking to knows what they are talking about. There are many people out there that ramble on about something that they no nothing about. The second thing that you should keep in mind is that you are looking for the best deal and not the worst deal.

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