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Why are reality tv shows so popular

Have you ever seen a reality TV show? Chances are you have seen one before they even became one of the most popular TV shows. Many people turn their TV’s to reality shows and sit with their family on Friday nights or even on Saturdays to enjoy a real TV show, with real people in it that don’t act.

Those reality TV shows seem so real, don’t they? Perhaps this is why so many people like them, because it seems that people today actually enjoy being in people’s lives and like to know what is going on with other people. Reality TV actually seems to be an obsession with the people of the world. When you watch a reality show for the first time you instantly get drawn in, have you ever noticed this? It just seems like you cannot change that channel and if you do you always switch it back. Do you think this is because you kept getting left off and just have to know what is going to happen next? You know that when it comes to a TV show being real you just can’t get any more real than reality TV.

Reality TV shows actually have a way of showing all sides of the story that is going on. Take Survivor for instance, they have two teams they go out and make their shelter then that is when most of the complaining starts. What is it with us? Why do we seem to like watching people getting backstabbed, trampled on, and cheated on? Do you think people just may like watching reality TV because they feel they can relate to it? Do you realize all the drama that revolves around reality TV shows? Just the drama on reality TV shows is impeccable to us as the viewers. Who wouldn’t like to see individuals who forget the camera is there going to the extremities of life?

You may already know that it is the individual that makes up the rating of the reality TV show, perhaps this is why they have became so popular in today’s life, because no one can seem to get enough of them. Could you imagine a world without reality TV? The truth behind the matter is that as long as producers continue producing these reality TV shows they will always be popular because people love “being a fly on the wall.”

November 27, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll

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